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Jemma grew up on a farm in the Midlands Meander in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied at the University of Cape Town. With little bush experience but with many hours of au pairing, teaching English and forming a love for travel, Jemma found herself ...

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on Tips From Our Nature Reunion Ambassadors: Part 2

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Bees, moon and plants with seeds… the basic agriculture, life and deep ecological needs and meaning. What more? I personally love the seaside and tide, the noise makes me feel anew, the moon reflects magically on the water surface with stars and listening for screech owls and seeing shags sleeping…. the tide is my lullaby. Thank you for sharing such beautiful intimate emotions and experiences!

Moonlight over the sea is one of my favourites too. We’re glad you are enjoying our series Francesca.

Hiking in the mountains, wading in a stream, long walks outside with my dog without my phone, weeding my garden barefoot so I can ground… even just opening the windows so fresh air can filter through my house on a cooler day does wonders for my body, mind, and attitude. Last night I went out and gazed at the Aquarius full moon before bed, and that was nurturing. I also collect natural curiosities that I find in nature: feathers, egg shells, stones, snail shells, bones and turtle shells, and snake skins. I love having these found treasures sprinkled throughout my home.

I love your list of ways to connect to nature Chelsea! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Beautiful ways of re-connecting with nature. I love all three of them.

For me it is to watch my owls , where they nest and to see how the baby chick’s learn to fy. Last year they had one chick and we saw the parents teach the chick to fly from one side to the other side. Now the female is breeding again and we sometimes see the male sitting in the tree opposite our house in the day. We can’t wait to see how many chick’s there will be this time. Also we have a few different types of birds here in our garden. Sugar birds, Robin’s, wagtails, black colored barbet , different dove species and much more. It is so rewarding to put fruit out for the birds and watch them come and eat. We also put sugar water out for the sugar birds and you will be surprised to see how many different birds come and drink this water.

Birding is a wonderful way to connect with nature. The simple act of noticing the birds around you, learning their names and watching their behaviour, forms a beautiful relationship with nature.

There are so many ways to learn and enjoy learning a lot the bush at Londolozi and each time we come we learn more! It is a wonderful place. Thank you all! Victoria

Loved your blog today Jenna. I have always found such a sense of peace with nature. As a child I collected seed pods of every description (which u still do today) Each so unique in its design to fly, drop or disperse to regerminate elsewhere. Having spent the best part of the last 40 years at sea , I’m now drawn to the night sky, the beaches which I comb for shells and unusual pebbles, drift wood and bird life. Put me on a beach and I can forget the time of day, happily walking the beach for little treasures that fill our home with wonderful memories of special places visited.

Thank you for your kind words Cally. Connecting with nature does seem to welcome peace doesn’t it? The sea and beaches are magical spaces – definitely one of the best places for a reunion with nature.

Wow, these blogs get better and better. I LOVE Simon’s bees, Bronwyn’s fairy rings, and Ashliegh’s dried plants! Three of my favorite things! I do shamanic ceremonies to thank Mother Earth and bring Her healing energy, Her and all of Her creation. I give water to the animals because of our Arizona drought. I learn of animal and earth ways and I donate to their protection. I am an activist for them, and I speak to the Moon and the trees and the saguaro cactus. I bless my desert and the rainforests of Belize and the bush of Londolozi. I have animal spirit guides and I apologize for the ways of humanity. I have sorrow and hope. And, again, I plant for the bees and set out houses for the fairies and bring in a dried plant from time to time. I love you guys!

We’re so glad to hear how much you are enjoying this series Linda. It’s wonderful how much each of them resonate with you. Thank you for being such a needed activist and so attune with the natural world around you.

I love all three thoughts on nature. Hard to pick a favourite. I did enjoy Simon’s thoughts on bees and I applaud him for providing a safe home and care for them. Bees truly are remarkable little insects and they need to be protected. Here in Canada we are losing bees to pesticide use and I find that very sad. Without bees we would have no food to eat as they pollinate the crops. However, the thoughts on the moon and appreciating nature in the form of a collection of leaves, grasses and flowers that have withered and died are also food for thought. Thanks to all three of you for your really interesting blog. Totally enjoyed reading them.

Hi Leonie, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading them. I totally agree, we really do need to start taking care of our bees – we need more people like Simon.

Thank you Jemma for the re-run of these 3 nature reunion ambassadors. I read their thoughts and ways they communicate with nature via Instagram but gained more insights by reading again. There’s always something to learn by looking again!

Jemma, We love this series! We are lucky to live near our beautiful white sand beaches in Sarasota, Florida. We tend to pause regularly to appreciate the beautiful sunsets. It’s that peaceful time and the beautiful scenery that keep us connected to nature. Wildlife along the coast is ever-changing, and we have brought back our love of the Londolozi birds – helping us to appreciate their uniqueness and comparing them to similar species here!

So glad to hear you are enjoying this series Michael and Terri – it’s been great showcasing all these ideas. Living close to the seas is always magical! Glad to hear you’ve taken your birding home with you.

i love Ashleigh’s description of finding delight and wonder in each form/life phase of plants and other forms of nature. I too gather up “treasures” from a walk in our urban neighborhood (pods from Magnolia trees) community garden finds( millkweed pods) or on the shores of my favorite beach, Sanibel (shells, dried seaweed, drift wood) hikes in the NC mountains (lichen on branches) and turkey feathers in a meadow….. all of which I display in my home at different times and in different ways.

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