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Born and raised in Cape Town, Megan has always been drawn to the outdoors, spending much of her free time exploring Southern Africa and venturing into the mountains. Her passion for connecting with and helping others led her to pursue a BSc in ...

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on Trading London for Londolozi

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Megan, may you experience & grow right where you are at Londolozi. 🙂

Hi Megan, i always wanted to be in the nature, since I was a small child and have my first encounters with insects and birds, plants trees, flowers… my grandmother and my dog walked through woods and lands. My favourite element is water, and as soon as I can I dive and isolate myself from the outher world in company of marine creatures. Your world looks so different and so alike at the same time. Leopards are the reason I was attracted by Londolozi, as they are traced and protected like nowhere else. I hope to see them personally one day…

I love this story, Megan. You are so fortunate to have figured out this calling early. One of my favorite quotes is from Douglas Adams. He said, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I’ve ended up where I intended to be.” It’s the perfect sentiment for those unexpected twists in the path that lead us to our soul desires. Congratulations at making it to the Londolozi ranger team!

Megan, you were certainly meant to be at Londolozi – what on earth werre the chances of you meeting Kirst’s aunt like that! I’m very happy for you that it’s worked out so well. Maybe I’ll meet you when I’m back at Founders in November.

Megan, thank you for sharing your story. You have chosen a wonderful path and I hope you have a rewarding life.

How exciting! Good luck – very envious

Congratulations on becoming a ranger Megan. Londolozi is the perfect place to nurture your “wild self” among the most friendly and supportive staff family as well a reserve that offers such a diversity of flora and fauna.

Well Megan it looks as if you have chosen the right choice of career now, guiding at the paradise of Londolozi. Kirst also had her career in teaching before and then decided to be a guide as well. Well done to both of jou for having the opportunity to change careers, and know you both are doing exactly what you should be doing. Enjoy your careers and appreciate every minute in the bush.

Inspiring story. Best to you and your future path

Megan, What a beautiful story and welcome to the Londolozi family! We look forward to meeting you on our next visit!

Megan, when we ask, the universe speaks to us, if we are paying attention – and you certainly were! This is so wonderful that you found your path. I have been very blessed to come as a guest to Londolozi with my family, and we all experienced the transformative healing that you speak of. I must say, that large part of that healing is due to all the staff that work at Londolozi in all their roles. The people there create a space of warmth, kindness, and deep reverence for the land and animals and our role as humans to connect, conserve and respect all of it.
So although I didn’t meet you personally, your story embodies exactly what makes Londolozi so special – the people that work there. I look forward to being back in early June, and bring my family back again, and again. Thank you to you, and everyone at Londolozi for creating a space of healing and connection back to nature. We have never needed it more in this world.

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