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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on The Week In Pictures #646

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Wow, beautiful pictures. It’s amazing to see how Londolozi’s wildlife and surroundings are still flourishing after the recent rain. My favourites are the look on the baby hippo’s face while it’s on its mother’s back, the incredible full moon (which I’d love to experience in SA), the preoccupied hyena passing by the giraffes and the serenity in the pic of the buffalo drinking. It makes me happy to hear that the Nkoveni female’s cubs are doing well and thriving just as we saw them a few weeks ago. And the sunset…is as breathtaking as it must have been to see it live.

Hi Robbie, thanks for your lovely TWIP. I’m a sucker for cubs, so I have to pick the Nkoveni cub in the tree as my joint favourite – my other choice is Nkoveni hoisting the impala, incredibly impressive.
Regarding your edits of the martial eagle, I much prefer the 1st one. Personally I think the 2nd one is more “arty” but looks a bit washed out. Give me colour every time!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hippo calf on mom is precious, and so is the Nkoveni cub in tree

I love your image of the rhinos within the broader landscape for context. Knowing how endangered they are, paired with the scenery and the mist definitely struck an emotional chord with me.

Master Tracker

Super photos – as always

The use of cropping really highlights the hippo and calf photo

Robbie, Thanks for sharing a great set of images! it was hard to choose which of the two Eagle shots we liked best but the second one is more dramatic with the washed out sky and the contrast is nice. We have our fingers crossed for the survival of the three Nkoveni cubs, and the one of the cub nestled in the tree was our favorite this week!

Wonderful photos, Robbie. Regarding the martial eagle photo, I like the first one (with the bluer sky) better. But this doesn’t mean that the second one isn’t also great.
So the Nkoveni female hastily her three cubs. Once in a blog the writer wasn’t sure whether one cub had died or not.
I love the soft colors, evening or early morning light in your pictures. Just beautiful!

I love the martial eagle in high key – beautiful. But the three white rhinos in the Manyelethi with the misty bushfeld backdrop – that for me is the quintessential Londolozi shot of the week. A great TWIP, thanks for sharing.

The opening picture of the leopard cubis my absolute nr one! Fantastic. Then the baby hippo, the Ntomi male (the lost cub reminded me of him)), his expression) and the full moon almost hits your eyes when looking at it. Elephants playing in the water always welcome. And the buffalo

Robbie such stunning images, this one of the three generations of elephants is something extra ordinary. Ntomi male leopard is still my favorite leopard, he has grown up to be a stunning leopard. I loved both the images of the Martial Eagle, each one tells it’s own story. Nkoveni perfect mother and strong as well dragging that huge impala up the tree for all three cubs to eat on. One of her cubs in the tree trying to climb down is a gorgeous image. They are so inquisitive and have an abundance of energy. Cute baby hippo on mom’s back.

Great pictures tis weak Robbie. My favorite is the golden moon.

I really enjoyed your photos this week Robbie, especially that stunning sunset with the Marula tree in the background. As far as your Martial eagle, I prefer the high key because of the straight on eye contact. Another favorite this week was your Ntomi portrait, those eyes seeming to gaze right through you.
I agree that April is a perfect month to visit, as I’ve found the sunrises/sunsets to be somehow more spectacular in addition to the Sand River flowing easily through the property, surrounded by verdant landscapes throughout the property.

The colors this week are stunning! The Ntomi Male is my absolute favorite but the leopard cub in the tree takes the top notch for me this week! Baby hippo getting a red is pretty sweet too tho 🥰

Senior Digital Ranger

Absolutely lovely TWIP, thank you Robbie. Simply not able to choose a favourite this week. They’re all amazing.

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