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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #72

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Good luck to all babies. The elephant calf looks so playful and sweet. The more a baby looks alike us in behaviour the easier to feel empathy with it. Also lion cubs have lovely eyes and expressions thank for the beautiful video

So excited to see the puppies again and very happy that you saw where they are making their new den. The new den is much more bigger and protects the puppies by those large roots and logs there. Senegal bush male is my favorite male leopard, such a stunning and majestic leopard he is. I love too watch him walk ,with the front paws coming down so softly in front of him. Two cubs of he Mhangeni pride are so cute. Really hope they make it to adulthood. Lots of lionesses together in the pride. Wondering video thanks Sean.

Thank you so much Valmai. It certainly is going to be interesting times ahead.

Such a nice way to begin Sunday morning, watching the youngsters of the wild dogs and Mhagene pride. My last sighting of the Mhagene prides’s cubs was 2.5 years ago and now those cubs make up the Ntsevu females….. life goes on! Senegal Bush male is certainly a poster
boy for the species!

The pups have certainly grown Sean! Did the missing 3 turn up as there didn’t seem to be as many fighting for scraps? Fabulous spending so much time with the Senegal Bush male, he really is so handsome 💓. Do keep us posted re the Mhangeni pride,they sounds so vunerable right now 🙏

Sadly, nothing further on the other pups so we believe that they must have been killed as all the adults keep returning to the current den where the other six are. Will certainly keep you in the loop on the Mhangeni Pride.

Fantastic weekly video again, Sean. And thanks for including the YouTube link – works much better on my desktop than the vimeo.

Hi Suzanne. Great, I am so glad that you managed to watch it with no hiccups.

Great video Sean! Outstanding setup for watching the wild dog cubs now for sure. The Senegal male is regal! We are hopeful for the lion cubs, but a tenuous situation for sure. Who were the possible fathers? Hoping for the best!

Thanks, Michael and Terri. We believe it was the Ottawa Male. Currently there are a number of young coalitions moving through the area which adds extra pressure on the mothers to keep them safe.

A nice drive with the wild dog pups and our lion cubs, plus a brief glimpse of a baby ellie. Thanks Sean, enjoyed it.

Thank you, Leonie.

I enjoy watching your videos to catch up on the different animals on your reserve. That was a great to see the Wild Dogs in action protecting their young. Of course, getting to see the Senegal Bush Male stroll around and then sit on his termite throne was fantastic. Thanks for the video with Mhangeni Pride. It’s tough being a little cub. That lioness showed how she would make sure that the younger cub would get it’s share from that older cub.

Hi Linda, thank you so much.

Sean, leopards

Fantastic videos of all of these predators and cubs/pups! Thanks!

Thank you, Christa.

Lovely pics Sean and good article to go with it. We always enjoy a Virtual Safari having been on many real ones during our life time! Thanks so much for all the efforts you guys go to to bring the Bush and its inhabitants to us! Wendy and Neil MacNicol

Thank you, Wendy. We are so glad you enjoy them and will do our best to keep them coming.

Sean, You are doing a fantastic job in your role replacing James. Keep up the great work. I was at first concerned by Londolozi always knows what they’re doing. Thank you

Thank you so much, Andrew and Daniel. I am loving it so much at the moment and so glad that it is coming across and being received so well on the other end.

Sweet little lion babies….hope that their mamas can find a way to keep them safe and alive

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