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William Paynter

The cards are great reminders of how fortunate we are to live in a world filled with nature. They remind me that I must continue to protect and preserve all I can of what we have left. Thanks!

Jemma Brewitt
Londolozi Creative Hub

Absolutely William – we are so fortunate!

Joan Schmiidt
Master Tracker

Christina, loved all videos🤗

Valmai Vorster
Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks Jemma for the reunion cards, it will be very helpful for those who cannot get out and enjoy the nature around them and fresh air. Luckily I have a big garden and love to walk right around my house with all the different entities, listening to all the birds. Also looking for our two spotted eagle owls sleeping in the trees behind our yard. So much to be thankful for, in this time of the virus and all it’s rules.

Jemma Brewitt
Londolozi Creative Hub

Thank you Valmai, I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed them. What a privilege it is to have a big garden during these times (and to have two spotted eagle owls).

Linda Rawles
Senior Digital Ranger

This is wonderful – thank you! I believe that reconnecting and redefining our relationship with, and as a part of, nature is the only hope for all creatures and the planet.

Christa Blessing
Digital Tracker

Thanks for the great ideas regarding reunion with nature.

Linda From California
Digital Ranger

The 11 Ideas on how to have a nature reunion anywhere couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just looking at items today for my family and I to be able to spend more time in nature in our yard. We were getting ideas and looking things up. Fantastic.

Jemma Brewitt
Londolozi Creative Hub

Thank you Linda – glad you enjoyed them.

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Jemma, Thank you for the reunion cards to remind us to keep nature in our daily lives. Most of these are easy to do, save for the camp fire as we have severe fire prevention laws in California presently, due to the droughts and deadly fires that rampaged all areas of the state. So, I’m grateful for the boma camp fires I enjoyed throughout my stays in the Kalahari and Sabi Sand. I’m looking forward to other members of the Londolozi family sharing their Reunions.

Jemma Brewitt
Londolozi Creative Hub

Thank you Denise. We are very sensitive to the fact that many people are unable to have camp fires. We hope you are able to complete the other cards. We hope you’ll be back toon to experience boma evenings under the stars.

Victoria Auchincloss
Digital Tracker

Great ideas of things to do for yourself and in a fantastic place . 😊 Victoria

Cally Staniland
Digital Tracker

What a super idea Jemma !! Londolozi’s blog has been my essential ‘go to’ every day since the Pandemic began and a wonderful way to relax at the end of my day. I will endeavor to enjoy these cards as a way of reconnecting with nature and the Lowveld where I grew up, that is so close to my heart. Really look forward to hearing more from the ‘Nature Reunion Ambassadors’ 🙏🏻💕

Ginger Brucker
Senior Digital Ranger

I realize how much I have come to appreciate the spirit of Londolozi in my life and long to return. Until then, these Nature Reunion Cards are great reminders how to conjur up that magic and infuse into my daily life. Thank you.

James Laurie

I can’t enjoy the Londolozi bush , however I am fortunate enough to have a lovely place nearby called Waharau Regional Park , Coromandel , New Zealand, where my partner and I take regular walks which we find excellent to experience that “feel good ” sensation. There are no animals but we enjoy the bird life and the lovely lush bush.,

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