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on Day 7 – Leopard Magic

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The second series was amazing. Loved the animal cards.

I am going to The Boys & Girls club today (Miller Club) in Nassau County. We have donated $500 dollars to the Boys & Girls Club, I am going to give a talk.

Always my highlight of the day. No better way to reflect than being guided by the animals. Love it and am deeply grateful to you for providing those mindfulness challenges. Thank you.

Thank you

So many emotions were brought forth to me during this series, wonderful gentle reminders of parts of self that can be shadowed. So grateful to be on this journey in this time.

Both of these Mindfulness series have been simply transformational. The guided meditations have been so beautifully thought out, and it was amazing how easily I could call those images to mind. The inner peace that has come from these meditations is very profound . For me, the oracle cards have been the biggest lessons… They seemed to have been specifically designed for me and for what I needed at the exact time I needed it. I now feel and know that great change is coming and I am ready. Thank you so much for a beautiful gift !!

I enjoyed the second series very much. Thank you for providing these creative and beautiful meditations.

Thank you so much. This second series has really helped me achieve a more balanced daily routine, looking deeper into nature and opening my eyes to whatever……

Amazing series with a lot of beautiful moments, thank you so much! Loved the meditations and the breathing exercises! Looking forward to the next challenge. Is there still a possibility to go through the first series, which I missed?

Thank you for your kind words Erwan. Yes you can still do the first challenge, use this link to sign up: https://blog.londolozi.com/wellness-challenge-signup/

Great! Thank you so much!!

A magical note to end on.
Balance is a word that comes to mind and heart. A wonderful package involving all our senses and pushing them. Some days were more challenging than others for me or perhaps resonated more,but looking back at my journal entries they all now fall into balance.
I am grateful for this precious gift and will pass it forward.
Thank you.

I have really enjoyed the second series and am truly grateful for these. Many thanks.

Beautiful meditation series! I absolutely love the animal wisdom context of the series and the different learning/awareness opportunities offered by diverse nature of the featured animals. Thank you as always, and all live and blessings to to all at Londolozi!❤️❤️

Enjoyed every moment of this. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next. Stay blessed!

I loved these meditations and the breathing exercises were wonderful too! My mind and internal visuals were all focused on the Mashable female and the moments over the years when she has looked me in the eye – the feeling of wonder always comes back to me when I think of those amazing interactions! Like nothing else in the world…. Thank you and we look forward to continuing the journey! MK

I meant Mashaba of course – darn auto-correct!

I’ve really enjoyed this second series very much. Thank you!

Wonderful. Thank you very much. Transported me to your beautiful Londolozi.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for another beautiful series.

I’ve so enjoyed this second challenge… that my first question was going to be – is there a third one? And I see it is already in progress – very exciting! Thank you for creating the quiet space for us to explore nature, both externally and internally. I have looked forward to each day and what it brings, through varied experiences of inspirational thoughts and reflective emotions. Thank you Londolozi. I look forward to what’s next!

Thank you. I loved every moment of this challenge. Definitely something to integrate into my everyday life. Using animal wisdom resonates with me so much, feel so connected to nature in a spiritual way. Love the oracle cards, i think i need to get myself a set.

Deep gratitude. It makes me happy to think of you all in that wild open space, connecting with those sentient beings. I loved this meditation! Thank you for connecting us with these animal energies from afar. I look forward to the next challenge series.

This daily reflection has really touched my soul. My heart longs to be at Londolozi to encounter and observe the animals you have shared in these meditations. Your continued leadership in the art of these wild animals is inspiring and enlightening. Seeing the wonders of Africa and having the opportunity to reflect through these exercises is a real blessing.

Magnificent. Thank you.

I so loved these inward safaris, can’t wait for series three!!

What a gift to us, as we stay quieted during covid and dream of returning to Africa.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing these sessions. The pictures and the animal cards added to nature connection.

Thank you – it was an amazing journey!

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