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on Day 5 – Animal Wisdom

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Being in self isolation these meditations have brought insight to the true meaning of peace in the wilderness . Thank you

Love this

An especially powerful message today from lion. After hearing him speak, the commentary on the oracle card so accurately reflected what I heard. Thank you.

Lions come to me often in dreams, but bringing danger. I must look at them differently

I look forward to spending time in the bush each morning thanks to all of you.
Powerful and gentle visions that roll in and out. The freedom to sit……
I am grateful for this strange time, grateful for your time and energy in creating this gift and sharing it.
So appreciating the Beautiful words and sounds and thoughtful artworks by Roxy. Thank you.

I had a challenging start to the day. This centred me yet again giving insight. Again, thank you

Perfect visualization, meditation, and reflection for this moment. All gratitude and appreciation.

Nature teach us so much. Just be still and listen.

Thank you for the gift of these animal guides. I have been working with heron energy for the last six months, watching the Great Blue Herons of the Salish Sea in their solitude, patience and razor sharp attention to the hunt. They say heron exudes self-reliance and determination, and may symbolize one who follows their own path. As I walk along the shoreline at sunset this week they have come to me three times. It’s nesting season in BC, so the herons are now pairing off. Yet their pairing feels symbolic of these times. Even the couples I’ve watched keep a sort of spaciousness between them, somehow together and distant at once. There is a harmony of wings as they glide over the gentle waves in tandem, that melts as they settle into separate trees. It appears to reflect the comic/tragic beauty of these times as humans seek to show love and solidarity with one another from afar. I feel a call to focus on what matters, to patience, and to faith that we will all find a way through this with that spacious love.

I felt they were both reminding me to be patient. Both bird and beast are predators. They know when to be still, rest and conserve energy for those times when they must strike or attack during a hunt. This balance keeps them alive. I don’t think I am so different.

Loved this meditation. I bought myself a gift of animal spirit guide oracle cards at Christmas and have been picking one a week to focus on. The first one I picked from the deck was a blue heron. Quite synchronously, a live blue heron appeared about the same time everyday for about a week after, close to where I live. As an animal lover and welfare advocate, I love and so appreciate the use of animal imagery in all your beautiful meditations. So pleased to be able to enjoy these special meditations at this time and in the weeks to come. Thank you 🙏

Lighten up, said the heron. And then she flew into the sky, light as a bird! Lighten up, said the lion. And then he flopped down for a nap, as lions are apt to do. I cannot solve all of the problems of the world, get through my whole list, save every animal, I cried. Lighten up, they said again. So, I did, and I laughed instead of cried.

Well that officially blew my mind in its depth and bang on wisdom of the Lion. I am loving the progression of these 7 days and absolutely feeling the growth. What a gift!

Wonderful timimg in my current life to accept and awaken the lion within me and lead my tribe through turbulent times. Thank you for that message today.

My journalling today, before reading the animal wisdom card of what Lion represents – was incredibly and accurately aligned. Quite overwhelming and powerful. Beautiful meditation today, the sounds of the bush… so comforting. Thank you.

Just beautiful! Thank you ♥️🙏🏻 !

Fantastic! I’ve a lion spirit and this truly realigned my thoughts and actions.

I just today listened to Day 5 and it is perfectly timed, as it always is.

So powerful!! Thanks a lot!!

Today’s mindfulness challenge truly ignited my fire within, it is just what i was seeking. Feeling stuck and in a whirlwind of thoughts this brought me back into my power. Thank you, so much gratitude towards amazing practices like these.

I am willing to listen to my inner power.

These are so well put together. Thank you for do these.

Thank you Linda

My life needs the stillness like I need air to live. The strength of this message will help me moving forward.

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