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on Day 6 – The Nature of Joy

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Love this too

Live in gratitude, count your blessings even in adversity because the blessings are always there.

Many of the things I wrote down that I was grateful for were then reflected in the Sunbird card. Coincidence? I think not. : )

Your imagery is breathtaking, uplifting and pertinent.
I wish to share an experience whilst washing the dishes this morning…ideas and plans and projects began to flow through my mind’s eye. I had to quickly reach for paper and pen, jot words down and begin mindmapping my way forward.
You have given me the tools, as a gift, to access this.
Thank you.

Grateful for my health and for my family’s health. Be safe.

Thank you.
I love being guided on this journey.
This was beautiful.

Senior Digital Ranger

I am grateful for this lovely connection to Londolozi through the imagery of this beautiful mindfulness series. Thank you.

We’ve got to wake up every morning and be grateful. Grateful that you are alive. Grateful that you are healthy. Grateful for all the positive things in your life.

Absolutely beautiful. Enjoying every day and moment of this. Well done Bronwyn and Boyd.

what a wonderful reminder of the beauty and wildness that lives inside us all

Loving the imagery and sounds bringing me to Londolozi through your mindfulness series especially since we have had to reschedule our trip there to 2021. Stay well.

The imagery is so beautiful. Each day I find myself wanting it to go on for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I continue on my own (like today). If you created a digital album of longer, guided meditations I would buy it. 🙂

This is definitely my kind of meditating, grounding, expansive, joyful every day of this week. It will be Day 7 tomorrow but I’m hoping these will live here and I can come revisit them? I am grateful that Londolozi exists and that your work is such an inspiration. Thanks B&B, this is just fantastic stuff!

You are more than welcome to use the emails from the past 7 days to revisit certain meditations – you will always have access to them now that you’ve signed up.

Senior Digital Ranger

In just an unbelievable 5 minutes you help us to switch off worries and concerns, absorbing our surroundings and entering a journey of calm – it’s fabulous and uplifting. Thank you both.

Thank you. I have been going slowly, so as to savor this gift of meditations. Now that I know I can go through them again, I am even more grateful. I also hope folks are donating – “my” nonprofit sent GWF a contribution recently. I am also grateful for that work. I know eco-preserves are suffering from lack of ec0-dollars during COVID, but the needs of people and animals do not stop. Blessings on you and good karma for all of this!

After a hectic day, this was such a gift to bring me back to center – and to remind myself to savor the sweetness of every moment. Thank you.

Beautiful message. The words that came to me were “look for the beauty around me every day”. Thank you….

Thank you. This is a beautiful reminder to take the time to really look and experience the world around us….. so many opportunities!!

In tears of joy! Thank you, thank you.

Joy such a small word and such a large meaning.

Every day is a blessing along with the many little things that God brings in my back yard life.

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