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on Day 1 – Notice the Awakening

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Emily Lamb

Re-joining the family and familiar song and tone of friends. With words and echoes I connect to as the inner river flows and ebbs. Love immeasurable, and dreams in waking day illuminated as bright as that of stars in the moonless night. Thank you…x

Shaz Knight

I realised how homesick I am for Africa and all its magic. This meditation made me sad, at first, but then I felt peaceful Thank you

Linda Polley

I have been to Londolozi and can picture the animals and quietness in the bush through the meditative portion. So earthy, bringing my senses back to nature and my animal being within.

Penny Tainton
Senior Digital Ranger

What an incredible and generous gift. Thank you to the Londolozi family

Ivy Wilensky
Digital Ranger

Learning to find peace with the silence. To prevent my mind from wandering.

Rachel Yordy

Thank you for this gift. Looking forward to grounding with you and gaia across continents in this time of transformation.

Susan Skrocki

This is just what I needed. Haven’t meditated in a couple of weeks and this reminded me to think less and just do. All I need to feel calm is within me.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

Achieving stillness, going inside is not easy in this time of anxiety, uncertainty, sadness. I’m happy to be reminded it’s called a “practice” because that’s what it will take. I left my first practice many years ago and am looking forward to revisiting the peace it brought….

Danette Ricci

I learned today about Gaia and how she connects all of us

Jacqueline Forsyth
Digital Ranger

How lovely. Thank you for bringing to me exactly what I’ve been longing for. May your message enrich the lives of others as well.

Kat Ddio

Already a calming sense has come over me – much needed during these stress filled times – thank you

Di Metcalf

Thank you for this opportunity. Just tapping in for a day has brought stillness to my muddled head helping me make mindful choices moving forward.

Pamela Norman

I learned that it’s okay to explore my mind in a playful way. Everything seems so serious right now and I yearn for playfulness. I love the idea of returning to “that part of you that once moved in absolute harmony with all of life.”

Ginger Brucker
Senior Digital Ranger

A lovely gift to start a day.

Julienne Lentz

Thank you to the Londolozi Family. Happy to be part of this beautiful experience. I look forward to each day of this mindfulness challenge.

Rachel Bulloch

Fabulous…I so need this…and love the animal theme…thankyou!!!

Janna Wianecki

I am so grateful to Londolozi for this gift. I’m looking forward to the peace it brings everyone.

Paul Canales
Digital Tracker

As the tortoise walks towards me, she tells me to “Slow down. There is no need to rush.”

Georgina Lamb

Stillness, calm and light: everything the beautiful family of Londolozi represents x

This has come at the exact right time. Thank you for helping to ground and connect us during all of this uncertainty. I loved reading about Gaia. Xo

Joshua Book

Really beautiful start. Love the wildness and the connection of meditation to reflective journaling. 🙌👍🙏🏽😊🌞

Ryan James

Beautiful and thank you. Roxy, thank you also for your art. I love it always.

Joan Holliday

I think it’s good to be quiet and thoughtful. Ready for tomorrow.

Fain Zimmerman

These beautiful words have brought me back to a place hearly loved in my mind, bosy and spirit. Thank you so much.

Jo Dexter

This meditation and reflection is perfect-Thank you! I feel like I have been trying to stay a float in the ocean of life, being washed back and forth. Now it is time to stop and start swimming, diving and enjoying the wonders of the water and the creatures inside and out on dry land. Thank you for sharing this moment in time x.

Angela Castellon

Grateful for all your generous content shared. Lovely! And ready to continue. Thanks !

Sarah Dyer

When I saw the tortoise he told me “patience” Thank you 🙂

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