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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on The Week in Pictures #431

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Your pictures are stunning this week Dean. Love the two buffalo photos.

Dean, I loved all the photos, especially the one with elephant, lion drinking, and the pigeons🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent variety of outstanding photos. Most uplifting at this time. Thank you Dean.

Hi Dean. Really good pics. Loved the Buffaloes cooling off in the water! Also, the green pigeons. Have you many of them at Londolozi? Wendy M

Great collection! Very varied. I love the tree at sunrise, the elephant and the leopard tail.

Dean, your paying attention to details, looking at creative views of both flora and fauna are really illustrated in this week’s blog. I love wildlife photography and crave learning from all those around me, never fearing asking questions or advice to keep improving. This is the perfect start to my weekend while sheltered at home here in California. Thank you!!

Hello Dean! It was a pleasure seeing your pictures from the last two weeks! I especially liked 5/21 the leopard resting in a tree, really beautiful!! 6/21 The beautiful morning light!, amazing! 12/21 Fantastic elephant photo! 15/21 What a original buffalo photo you have taken! Looks like they are really enjoying the SPA!, 20/21 What a great, funny and original photo of a leopards tail!, fantastic! I forget to mention the hyena at the airstripe, it’s lovely!

Dean, Enjoying the great variety in this weeks pictures. Thank you. Everything looking green and healthy

Stunning images, each and every one. I particularly liked the Birmingham boy looking at his reflection, the Buffalo with the setting sun and the African green pigeons. So beautiful thank you.

As you all undoubtedly know, the US is basically under total quarantine due to the corona virus. I sincerely hope that all of you at Londolozi remain virus free and know that to spend time each day looking at the wonders of the bush is very cheering. Thank you. Victoria

Great photos, Dean! I’m normally not a big fan of “distance” wildlife photography, but your impala in the mist and the leopard in the tree photos were excellent and inspiring. Further, I liked your mix of closeups and distance shots. Love the Senegal male!

Hi Dean, great selection of photos as always! Was wondering if the Birminghams have responded in any way to the Avocas’ and Nkuhumas’ presence in the northern sector of Londolozi that you know of? Also wondering if you have any update on the Ndzandzeni Female and if she or her cubs have been seen?

Yay! I got the bird ID correct again! My first correct one was the greater honeyguide!

Senior Digital Ranger

You have such a creative eye and perspective. Love each and every photo, intense, gentle to quirky. Great images!

Wow, just love the leopard tail in perfect formation with the branch 👌🏻🙏🏻❤️

Photography is a ‘forever learning’ process, Dean! You are picking up some valuable skills. Wishing you all the best with learning and with bankrolling all of the gear! 🤣 Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots!

An incredible gallery of images as usual!!! That shot of the green pigeons is particularly special!!

I used this site for my first attempt at identifying a bird in SAR http://www.eishsa.co.za/minisites/birdssa.html#bookmark20
As you can see, they show the light morph of the Wahlberg’s Eagle. So, I guessed the Tawny Eagle. But, upon finding out that the bird in the picture wasn’t the Tawny, I went back for a closer inspection. I found this photograph with the tawny and Wahberg’s together in a tree. This is when I found out the Wahlberg’s has a dark morph and, my goodness, the Tawny is much larger, as you can see https://www.hbw.com/ibc/species/wahlbergs-eagle-hieraaetus-wahlbergi (look about 3/4 way down the page). But, to make matters even more interesting, the coincidence that the American actor, Mark Wahlberg, starred in a movie about the Eagle’s (
Invincible (2006 film) – Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Invincible_(2006_film)
So, it begs the question, which came first, the eagle or the egg? Do they know each other?

Enjoyed the closeup of the leopard’s teeth,
Interesting pattern with the lower smaller teeth.

Dean we are so grateful that we were one of the last safaris with you before the pandemic. Both you and Ray were fun and knowledgeable and most accommodating! Cheers til we meet again.

The Ximungwe young male was displaying his 32 reasons why that hyena should stay away. That was a great capture of that photo.

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