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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on Something Special About Wild Dogs

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I didn’t have time to read but wanted to say the thing special about them is their Loyalty to the pack and the adults help bring up the pups and feed them! It’s wonderful to see!

Watching the development of the pups over a 12 day period last year was incredibly amazing. Each day their confidence and agility inceased. Following the pack in their determined search for food was exciting as they clearly signaled to each other as they were fanned out. The pandomonium that occurred when their prey was found is very hard to describe: speeed, fury, determination.

I was fortunate enough to see a wild dog pack on Londolozi last year and it was incredibly exciting. They are a treat to watch whether hunting or just resting and socializing.

Digital Ranger

Great article, Patrick! I can almost feel the excitement of the hunt! Keeping my fingers crossed for some pup sightings soon!

Spotting wild dogs is always a treat but trying to keep up with them as they race to take down prey is exhilarating! I was fortunate enough to spend part of an afternoon with the pack of the torn lip female, viewing them as they began to stir after a rest, then regrouping to head off in search of a meal. It’s fascinating to watch their family bond and how each dog plays its part in both hunting and nurturing.

I don’t like hunting especially this species. I’m used to canids with very different techniques,
ripping a prey alive to pieces is peculiarity of wild dogs and dholes which are taxonomically close. Anyway they have their place in nature and are luckily helped.

I keep my fingers crossed that they will decide to den in Londolozi again.would be fantastic

I hope they den on Londolozi for the third year. Beautiful wild dogs and each one has different patterns on themselves. Very scarry the way they rip their pray apart, but that is nature in the raw.

Patrick crossing fingers that the wild dogs pick Londo again for a den 🤞🙏🏻. In the meantime I hope you get to enjoy some more wonderful sightings for us all to enjoy. Thanks for the interesting article ❤️

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