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on The Emotional Rollercoaster of a Pack of Wild Dogs and Their Pups

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This is such a wonderful conservation story. It is really a rollercoaster ride Sean. Heartstopping. Elated. Sad. Happy. Wilddogs are my favourite predators. It is so special to see them in the wild as they are so endangered.

It is so special to see wild dogs, and so having a den on Londolozi was incredible.

Sean, there 9 pups still alive🤗

Joan, there were 9 when they initially left Londolozi, but we have recently heard news that they are now only 7 running around with the pack. We are not too sure what has happened to the other 2.

Wonderful story. Well stated, Sean! Thank you!

Thank you Darlene.

Senior Digital Ranger

It is indeed an incredible tale of a wild dog family against all odds. What amazed me was how the tiny pups understood that only three of them should come out and follow the parents to the other den. Is it instinct or a sound communicated by the parent to the pups?
Quite a rollercoaster of a story. Thank you.

Linda, yes it is indeed a fascinating story. We are not too sure how they had communicated that the first 7 pups should follow and the 3 stay behind. I presume that the parents must communicate this in some way. Or maybe the three that were left behind got separated somehow and knew to just run back to the den. It is all one large mystery.

Fantastic, comprehensive narrative, Sean.
I guess one of the few upsides to NOT having guests is that it afforded you the opportunity to do a thorough investigation.

Thanks so much Vin. Yes we have had the chance to put a lot of time into figuring it out.

Just the best possible news …. lots of luck to the pups

Such good news and we are all in their corner rooting for them.

Great story with a happy ending. Saw Wild Dogs for the first time in Botswana so looking forward to seeing in Londolozi

Hi George, we are delighted as it seems populations of wild dogs around here are on a slight rise and so with a bit of luck you will get to seem them when you are here.

Wow what a story for these Wild Dog pups. Wild Dogs are one of my favorite animals. Just a fascinating story from beginning until the present. I hope we get to see them again on Londolozi property. More videos please. I have been looking into double denning of the pups and there is very little about this to be found. Nature has it’s mysteries. Looking forward to coming back to the best place I have visited. Londolozi. Thank you for documenting this amazing story

We will definitely keep everyone posted should we get to see them again. They will be back it is just a matter of time.
Nature does have it’s mysteries and we are fortunate to be able to witness such incredible things out here.

The ups and downs of the wild dogs and their pups has had many of us on the edge of our chairs. We were all saddened by what was thought to be a huge loss and thrilled at their return. They were for many of us in the pandemic a bright spot to gladden our mornings. Like you we wish them well and hope they turn up at Londolozi occasionally to brighten our days. I hope you are all well and staying safe. Thankyou. Victoria

I am so glad the documenting and sharing of their story has brought you so much joy during this very challenging time. We will most definitely share any new news of them as we get to see them again.

Digital Ranger

Terrific story with a happy ending…so far. Kevin has told us why we don’t cross the “border” into Mala Mala but I forget why. Is it a matter of courtesy or is there more involved?
Oh to be there ourselves!

It has been a terrific story.
We don’t cross the border, as it is two different properties and we do not have traversing rights with Mala Mala.

The story of the pack of two is inspiring and the tale of their family is thrilling. You’ve narrated the adventure well, Sean, bringing back the emotional ups and downs we’ve experienced. I look forward to updates on their progress and to seeing the whole family tearing across Londolozi next year, on the hunt!

It truly has been an emotional time with them and kept us all entertained. Lets hope they are around when you are on your next visit.

Thank you Sean for your summary of how the litter of pups have fared. I have followed them with great interest. Often while enjoying the Londolozi blog, I smile at my very domesticated Aussie who only has to bark once for his daily dose of kibble, not search for prey in the wild.

You are welcome Rosemary. It is such a pleasure to keep everyone involved in such an amazing story. Your Aussie is so lucky to have the treats readily available.

Thanks Sean. It was every bit as exciting reading your account of their journey as it was experiencing that at the time. All we can do is watch & hope that they survive and it’s been as much a thrill for us thousands of miles away as it has been for you folks on the front lines. Thank you & especially James and those providing the videos!!!

You are most welcome. All we can do now is watch and wait to see how they do in the future. They have been moving around a lot more now and so when they pass back through Londolozi we will e ale to update everyone on how they are doing.

On this end it was amazing to watch and follow the raising of those pups. It felt like we were all part of the journey. It was very emotional when we thought the worst, and then elating when you found them again. Thanks for providing the background on what happened to the females ear, I had always wondered about that.

You are most welcome Kara, she is a fighter and I think will do very well in the future. Thanks for following the story.

Senior Digital Ranger

Truly an amazing story of survival and perseverance in the bush! Joyful news to those of us that followed the original siting, birth, nurturing, growth, and curiosity then the devastating news that there were only three pups! How two adults can protect and feed all nine pups now will be the next chapter.

It really has been amazing to follow the lives of the pups until this point, and has been filled with many emotions. Lucky for the pups, both of the parents are such good hunters and are able to provide for them. It is taxing nonetheless only having two parents

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh…what a roller coaster of emotions it has been. Just to have seen the photo of them in the beginning of the blog made my heart so happy thinking they were back! As I am sure with everyone else that has been touched by this amazing story… we wishing them all the best… and hope they come back from time to time to let us know they are OK…Thank You to all of you for this wonderful journey that is now part of our hearts❣️

You are most welcome Barbi, I am so glad we could share the story with you and that you followed it so closely.

Hi Sean. We seem to remember that we saw a totally different group of 5 Wild Dogs on Londolozi. What has happened to them please, do you know? Wendy M

Hi Wendy, yes there has been a number of different packs crossing through Londolozi. I am not one hundred percent sure of where that pack has ended up. There is a pack of four that we have seen on the eastern parts of the property and a much larger pack (I think 10-12) on Singita.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a ride! I hope they continue to thrive and visit from time to time

I am sure they will do well and we hope to see them soon

I love hearing about this Wild Dog family. What amazing and cunning parents! Hoping they all stick together to form a strong pack!

The parents have done so well up until this point, and we are sure that they will continue.

What a great recap on the Wild Dog family that stole all our hearts. Thank you Sean. It certainly will remain my all time favorite regardless that it was all through virtual drives. I felt as if I was ‘very present’ as my emotions certainly ran a rollercoaster ride throughout their story. Blessed to have been there ..virtually 💗

Thank you Cally, I am so glad we got to keep you so involved in the story right the way through. It has kept us so captivated and at least we could translate that through to you and for you to still feel the emotions we are feeling. Thank you for joining us.

Definitely the story of the year, so far! Your recap is a comprehensive journey from the sighting of the very pregnant female, through the first glimpse of the puppies emerging from the den and then the discovery that one was gone. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and now I’ve learned there are 7…. filmed in Singita this morning. Still, it’s one of nature’s miracles that this pair of dogs is apparently doing well, juggling the hunting and feeding of all their pups without the benefit of a pup watcher! I’ll continue to tune in to their story.

Thank you for following the story so closely and being so invested in it. Yes there are now only 7 pups. But it has been a miracle that they have raised the pups to this age given that there are only 2 adults and the mother’s first litter. It is still a long road ahead but they are do incredibly well.

I relived the tale of this family and it’s ups and downs with your great summation, Sean. Great writing filled with such emotion. I thought of this as a rollercoaster ride myself….but it’s wonderful!

I am so glad that could highlight some of the most intense and emotional moments of the story and give a good overall summary. Thank you very much.

This has been one of the most beautiful stories to follow, and certainly the most engaging. Godspeed to the new pack and looking. Forward to updates!!

We will be sure to keep you updated on the happenings and developments of the pack.

Thank you!!

Hi Sean
What ever became of this pack of 2 wild dogs and the pups
Saw they moved the den etc lost a few pups and then haven’t seen anything since

Hi Ian, Sadly that pack of two never made it. I believe that they had a run-in with the Mhnageni Pride of lions and the female was badly injured and the male was never seen again.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a cool story

A really nice blog Sean. How good is that to finally have wild dog dens on Londolozi and what great news that only one pup died. I pray the rest will make it to adulthood. Thanks for sharing with us. Be well and stay safe.

Digital Ranger

This two adult pack found each other against all odds , they will continue to surprise us and our Mother Nature will bless them

Senior Digital Ranger

The spirited parental sacrifice exhibited by the one eared female wilddog and her partner shows how much care and affection wild animals have.perseverence as well.

Senior Digital Ranger

The wild dog narrative takesbus on rollercoaster trail as we witnessed the love,survival,danger the pups faced.inevitable the spirited efforts of the one eared mother were tested to the limits as she & her partner conquered many obstacles brought about by nature.

Senior Digital Ranger

This family of wild dogs has authored or perhaps etched a beautiful love story on the plains of the Londolozi wilderness.Looking at the way the mother lost her ear ,banishment from main pack but still the gods of nature connived to give her a loving & supportive partner ,together they have seen the world throw numerous challenges at their family. herez wishing the small strong family a better 2020 breeding season.

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