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on Second, First View of Wild Dog Pups on Londolozi

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what an exciting morning!! Must be great to have this new pride at Londolozi and the chance to keep an eye on the puppies! Victoria

Oh 🙁 so the back of two and their puppies left londolozi..do we know how many puppies were alive when I last saw them??

Hi Maria,

There were seven pups in the pack of two when they left Londolozi. They were last seen heading into Singita to our west.

Fantastic news. It is very special to see wild dogs.

Hi Pete yes they remind our dogs but they are very different indeed as our dogs have basically the same DNA as wolves, while wild dogs are taxonomically different being close to dholes of Asia.
In fact also their feeding habits (ripping prey alive) is quite the opposite to wolves that look for the vital areas. Useless to say that I prefer wolves but I do appreciate the conservation success and ecological role of such funny animals. They look like dogs in their physical traits quite nice !

Enjoyed watching this video about the Hyenas and their pups. Thank you so much. I look forward to visiting your Blog every day. Blessings.

Hi Leslie,

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and the videos. Hyenas and Wild Dogs are similar at first glance in appearance, but are in fact different species that are completely unrelated. Have a look at a previous post of ours for more info: https://blog.londolozi.com/2018/01/03/7-things-you-need-to-know-about-wild-dogs/

Senior Digital Ranger

What joy….again!

It’s so wonderful there’s another pack with so many puppies. Let’s hope for a high survival rate. Has there been any news on the status of the three-eared pack from other reserves?

Hi Chelsea,

We haven’t heard of any sightings unfortunately. They were last seen heading west into Singita from our side.

Hoping for some exciting video on Sunday!

Happy to hear you’ve some puppies to view once again-a bit of comic relief! Any idea how many pups from the wild dog couple survived?

We are so glad to see more puppies!

Denise, we are not sure of the fate of the pack of two. We aren’t aware of any sightings for a long time unfortunately.

Super news that you have a new pack with 11 pups ! My respect for the 3 eared pair continues to grow when you think of them having no back up baby sitters while out hunting…I wonder how they have faired ? Look forward to more on this big family. Thanks Pete 🙏🏻💕

Hi Cally,

Indeed, the pack of two really pulled off a huge challenge raising their pups alone. We don’t have any news on them from the last while unfortunately.

Wow this is incredibly lucky to see a second pack, I hope they stick around for some incredible viewing! Has anyone seen the first pack of pups with the 2 adults again?

Hi Kara,

There’s a good chance we will be seeing a lot more of this pack! Unfortunately no news on the pack of two…

That is so cool! I just watched that video over and over. How wonderful for all of you there. Wish I was.

Amazing!! Haven’t heard about this pack denning until now!

Master Tracker

Fantastic, wild dog returning to Londolozi just in time for guests returning to Londolozi

Senior Digital Ranger

Seeing the expanse of area the wild dogs travel( far and about), .. to the extent of hunting for a meal, makes you think about their physical survival, .. in contrast to what us humans must endure to find a meal in our present day life. It truly is profound.

Finally, more wild dog pups!! Was quite sore when there was an end of articles to the pups earlier this year.

Senior Digital Ranger

Yeah!!!!!! Can’t wait ❤️

Digital Tracker

How exciting! Looking forward to hearing more about these cuties in the coming months!

Thanks for the heartwarming blog Pete. It is nice to think that the wild dogs are increasing their numbers. Hopefully all the pups will make it to adulthood. It must have been a great experience to see the pups close up. Thanks for sharing with us. To all at Londolozi – take care, be well and stay safe.

Senior Digital Ranger

More Wild Dog, that’s fantastic news 🙂

Great capture. I enjoy seeing when the dogs are highlighted. Do you think the one eared female will either bring her brood back to Londolozi and return to den again next year.

Hi Andrew and Daniel,

It’s fantastic to try shed as much light as possible on Wild Dogs. Never a dull moment when viewing them… Let’s hope the pack of two makes a reappearance – we haven’t heard of any sightings for a while now.

Pete, I loved the photos, especially the one with wild dogs pups🤗

How wonderful that there is another pack of wild dogs at Londolozi! Great news.

This is fantastic news! I think the African Wild Dog is my all time favorite, and I am rooting for this pack, and also hoping that the courageous pack started by the two adults earlier in the year is faring well!! Thanks Pete, and keep us abreast of any new news!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wild dog denning behaviour is fascinating , especially the allo (communal) sharing of maternal responsibilities.Young after weaning are slowly intergrated onto the big league.

Senior Digital Ranger

ritualised greeting exhibited by wild dogs is important for pack bonding.Succession matrix when Alpha pair collapse and the Beta pair is amusing.Particularly the way the youngest male is promoted to the apex when Alpha male dies.The Hierarchical ladder is very strict.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wild dogs are Africas number 1 predators and boast a high efficiency and kill ratio on hunts

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