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Barry grew up in Johannesburg and knew from a young age that he had a true love for the African bush yet it was only after spending several years in the corporate world in Europe, followed by a two year sabbatical of traveling ...

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on A Primitive Trail of Predators and Prowess

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These pictures turn the beauty nd grace of leopards into magic.

They certainly do!

Thanks Barry for sharing some of the highlights of your teams’ primitive trail experiences. Your story really spoke to me. I was trying to imagine what it must be like, the freedom of walking instead of driving, adapting to a different set of creature comforts and experiencing a heightened sense of awareness. I can’t think of any other place I’d like to spend three days immersed in nature than in Londolozi, co-existing with the flora and fauna, cooling off in the river and ending the day gazing into a campfire whilst enjoying the company of friends. You are definitely living the good life, one that many of us live vicariously. Keep well.

Hi Denise, it really is the good life. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Lovely blog. You obviously had a great time together in the bush

Thanks Christa, we all had a great time!

I’m sure all the Rangers thoroughly enjoyed that outing in the bush for 3 days. Being so close to nature and the animals on foot is very rewarding, especially seeing them even closer than usual, but at the same time also very scarry, especially seeing the leopard only 50 meters from . So so exciting and well organized leaving no trace of yourselves there.

Valmai walking in the bush really is something we should all experience at some point. I hope you get the opportunity to do so too.

Barry, thanks for the walking trip through Londolozi. Being on the ground is so much more than just observing from a vehicle. Glad you had such an good time on your adventure.

Thanks William, it really is such a different experience than simply observing from a vehicle.

Senior Digital Ranger

Lovely blog Barry, thank you – conveys everything I love about the bush and in particular why Londolozi is so very special to us.

Thanks Jane, it certainly is a special place!

Terrific blog Barry! You truly gave the sense of traveling a primitive trail with your peers!

Thank you, Paul!

Excellent blog, Barry! I experienced your walk with you and enjoyed doing what I never will be able to do in reality. Lucky you!

Thank you, Mary Beth. Never say never, there are always opportunities to get on foot in the bush, even if only for a short walk.

Thank you, Barry. This makes me feel homesick…………. Soutbill here!

My pleasure, Irene. South Africa is a special place and so too is Londolozi.

Digital Tracker

Must be an amazing experience! Weren’t you guys worried about crocs, when you went for your swim in the river?!!?

Hi Carly, we will only swim in very shallow water where we are able to see clearly that there are no crocs around.

Thanks for sharing these experiences, Barry. When I came in February we came across the group of trainee rangers on one of our drives, and I was so pleased to see Shadrack as one of the group – he’ll make a fantastic ranger with all his experience as a tracker. Say hello again to him from me and I hope he’s still enjoying it!

Hi Suzanne, I have no doubt that Shadrack will be an excellent ranger. I will certainly pass on your regards to him.

Love this post, a brilliant description of one of my favourite things to do in nature!

Hi Callum, walking is the best! Glad you have had the opportunity to experience it and enjoy it as much as I do.

You;ve convinced me to include this experience in our visit next year.
Lots of bew faces–great bonding opportunity!

What a wonderful few days you had Barry, which I’m sure you will all get the chance to enjoy again. 🙏🏻There is nothing quite like being head on with nature, with a group of like minded people. I can only compare it to being at sea..particularly in bad weather when everyone’s senses are on alert and everyone onboard works as a team. By the end of the trip you feel as if you have known these people for years and the bond is so strong. Would love to experience a primitive trail one day ! Thanks for sharing Barry ❤️

What an amazing experience…and great training for young guides!

You referred to this walk a few times during our recent visit, this post really brought to life what you were talking about. The “Londolozi feeling” was captured and explained without words so elegantly by you, Tshepo, and the entire experience. Thank you.

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