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on Wild Dog Den, The Pack is Back!

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Wonderful adventure today with the wild dogs, thanks!

Great news!!!!

Sean, thanks for sharing the exciting news! Your story, the images, and the video are so wonderful to see and we hope that the story ends up successful!

So cute & wild to see Snaggletooth with a new pack. I just love this blog each morning & can’t wait for the day I come to see the Sands in person. Londolozi is heaven right now.

well done, terrific perseverance ! How fabulous ! Will anxiously await further developments ! Victoria

Can’t wait to see them up close1

Exciting times, Sean! Keep us posted as the pups grow and change!

We certainly will Mary Beth

Oh Sean this is the best news for Londolozi and for us, we were waiting patiently for these stunning foto’s of the puppies. All five puppies are beautiful and have their own markings on them. I thank you Sean for your exceptional foto’s and video of the cubs.

Hi Valmai, thank you. We will be sure to keep you all updated as and when we can.

Wonderful that the wild dogs finally have their den in Londolozi‘s area

With their numbers so dangerously low, it is good to know that these 5 new members have a chance to survive. I will have to stay tuned to watch as they grow up and start hunting with the pack.

Hi Linda, yes this is amazing news that they are denning and we hope that they are able to successfully raise these pups to boost the numbers.

So VERY happy to hear that they have denned again on Londolozi, even if it’s just for a few months. What a variety of predators Londolozi has!!!

Hi Bob and Lucie, yes we are spoilt with an array of predators and to have the wild dogs denning here again is magical.

Wow, I’m so excited that the wild dogs have chosen their den site on the property and with you and your team’s help, we’ll be able to watch these little puppies as they grow. Your perseverance and knowledge of the dogs’ habits never ceases to amaze me. I was there for the mating ritual and so happy to see the results in the form of at least five pups-I’m rooting for them!! Looking forward to the next installment of videos, photos and commentary.

This is BRILLIANT news indeed Sean ! How very special to have another den on Londo. Last year following the 3 eared family was so very emotional but I’m sure this pack, with more backup, will do very well! A coincidence too that both the Mum of last year and this have significant scars. Thank you Sean for sharing every moment building up to finding the den. 🙏🏻❤️…I’m choked ..

I am sure this pack will do a lot better than the Two-pack from last year. It is going to be a lot of fun following this pack and seeing what adventures they take us on over the next few months.

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So exciting!

Digital Ranger

I absolutely love seeing the wild dogs – one of my favorite stories last year and now!

Hi Sandy, it is so exciting to have them back on the property again this year.

Master Tracker

What a fantastic thing to happen at Londolozi, you know that it will be very sympathetically managed

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