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Tristan is a Zimbabwean born journalist. He grew up moving farms in his home country and moved to South Africa to attend Rhodes University. With a passion for wildlife, it was a natural progression that he gravitated to Londolozi. He worked in the ...

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on Photography series episode 3: People in nature

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Great blog, Amanda

I love that photo of Jess looking up into the tree with the sun and light shining through. Amanda really connects with nature and as she says, she stays true to her photography and it shows. Beautiful photo’s she has taken, each with it’s own story behind it. Thanks for sharing your tips Amanda.

Hey Valmai, these photographs do hum a genuine and natural tune, don’t they? Amanda’s philosophy behind her images inspires me greatly!

Amanda, your pic sure of Jess under the giant Fig tree is memorable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on photography.

Great to hear Amanda talk about her approach to photography. She was the first to help me edit in the Photography Studio and encouraged me to take my photography more seriously. Thanks Mands!!

Incredible to get that insight Al. And now you have a D850 and I’m sure world class imagery to go with it.

Tristan, Thanks for highlighting Amanda! We just love her and her “energy”! Her work as a key member of the Londolozi team is so important. Throughout the past two years, she has created wonderful ways for us to connect with Londolozi and our inner selves. Her photography is passionate and the connection she has with the various subjects she shoots is clear in her images. We remember working with her in the early days of the Londolozi photographic studio, and we still use the Lightroom shortcut template she gave us, for that incredible software! Please send her hugs from us!

Michael and Terri, it is my pleasure. Since arriving at Londolozi I have been inspired by Amanda’s skills connecting with people and her photography is just one aspect of this. And as you mentioned, that connection that she nurtures is simply incredible.

I will pass on hugs and best wishes!

Amanda’s photography truly speaks to me – her understanding of people and animals alike in her Londolozi world. The photo of Jess is magical, as is the love seen in the portrait of Shaun and Dave. I believe when the photo is there, your finger will find the shutter. So don’t shoot to shoot!!

I feel that tangible feeling in the people she captures, like for you Denise, Amanda’s photography strongly resonates with me. Thank you for your wise words passing on tips as well!

I love the simple uncomplicated way in which Amanda creates her beautiful photographs as I can relate to this technique a little easier. Stunning shot of Jess that encapsulated everything Jess stands for. Thanks Tristan for sharing Amanda’s advise and her fabulous photographs 🙏🏻❤️

Hey Cally, I’m over the moon to hear that you relate to these images and the technique used to craft them. Is that because you are more inspired by people in photography? I do find a special connection when you have a person in front of the camera and you can do them justice.

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