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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Tristan is a Zimbabwean born journalist. He grew up moving farms in his home country and moved to South Africa to attend Rhodes University. With a passion for wildlife, it was a natural progression that he gravitated to Londolozi. He worked in the ...

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on Photography Series Episode 5: Londolozi’s Eye

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Master Tracker

Thanks for this, hope the new role goes well. Just bought a photo that was stitched together and wondered how it was done

My pleasure Ian!

Sean your photography is outstanding and as you say you have learnt through this whole process and having all the cameras and equipment available to you helps tremendously. Forsure you must know your camera and its abilities, once your out there, there is no time to spare as nature unfolds and you want to get the shots taken. Technology is so fantastic and look now you’re even stitching fotos together to make one beautiful foto. Thank you so much Sean for all you stunning fotos and video’s, you have really gone out of your way to produce the best images.

WoW!!!!!!!!!!Absolutely Amazing photos!!!! Thank-You!!!!!!!!

Tristan, We have really enjoyed your special series. All of the photographers are brilliant in their focus and craft and it was great to get some of their tips. Of course Sean has a “leg up” on the rest, and he has the enviable job of being on the hunt for great content all the time. We have loved seeing Sean move into his new role and we hope he likes doing it as much as we enjoy seeing his work!

Its been adventure Michael and Terri, so thank you for following along! I loved getting to chat with you both through the series and find all the processes behind each photographer. The writing flew onto paper, it was almost second nature. I find it easy to convert passion into words! Sean seems to love his new role and I get the luxury of joining him from time to time. Cheers again and we’ll connect on the blog somewhere down the line

I am one of the many that spent a week with Sean as a Ranger. Sean was excellent as our Ranger and I shall never forget the speedy drive to find the 2 Wild Dogs – one with her ear missing. Thoroughly enjoy your virtual stories as we go forward. Susan

sounds incredible Susan! From what I have heard Sean was an incredible ranger so I’m glad you got that experience.

Sean, thanks for the update on your new adventure. Your photography is really stunning, thanks again for sharing.

Thanks Tristan! I really enjoyed this series.
When I am out walking two hyper dogs with their stroller for when they get tired (yes I know 😂😂😂), what works for me if I see something I want to photograph is snap as many pics as possible in the moment. My current camera is great for this (canon sx740hs) and it also has a good app that directly transfers the images to my iPhone/iPad and has a remote live view shooting. Quick editing and sharing is where I’m at these days…Thanks for the video on stitching. It finally got me to download Lightroom. 😀
I love Sean’s blk/white of the Nkoveni young female. The way her tail mirrors the tree branch in a dead center composition…👍😍🤩!

Marcia thank you for your kind words. That reminds me of Amanda’s style in episode 3, shooting in the moment on a feeling you get. Technology is incredible these days and I’m glad to hear you’ve got Lightroom. It is life changing for your photography!
I love that shot as well, really is one of my favorites!

This is really interesting. I have always wondered how it can be done. Great! Thanks!

Awesome Christa, I’m glad you enjoyed episode 5!

I loved this series!

Thank you very much for your kind words Chelsea!

Thank you Tristan for ending your series by showcasing the Eye of Londolozi, Sean Zeederberg. It was interesting to read he uses as many as three cameras while out on his drives, changing from still to video as the scene unfolds. It seems as though the Virtual Safari process is easier now with better equipment than when James Tyrrell began the Sunday videos during the Covid lockdown. It may have been a bit of McGyvering during his tenure.
Sean really managed the capture the personalities of Nkoveni Young Females 1&2, especially in his videos. I understand now why driving on his own without guests is essential for learning more about his subjects as well as being able to fully concentrate on his images.
Each of your featured photographers brings a different perspective to highlighting all of the species seen throughout the property, but I must give credit to all of the photographers working in Londolozi who share their own images within their blogs.

Hello Denise, I thought it only fitting to end the series with Sean. Things are progressing everyday and we make a point of being fluid and moving with technology. Any way we can bring our audience better viewing. Thank you for highlighting the multiple photographers who did not get featured. Whilst I would have loved to do 50 of these blogs (and I really could have) it was just not possible. And the blogs and TWIPS will continue to showcase their work until they get a feature of their own.

Sean has clearly transformed his immense passion and talent as a ranger into his new role. We always found him thoughtful and knowledgeable, but now his creativity is evident. It’s a lot of work creating the storylines each week. We miss him as a ranger but are happy he can follow his passion and share Londolozi with us.

Hey Vin, yes Sean has adapted brilliantly. He misses you as guests as you miss him as a ranger, he mentions this to me regularly. But the creative space is one he is growing into incredibly!

Really enjoy this series Tristan even though I’m not a particularly good photographer, nor do I have any super equipment. I would certainly like to get into macro photography one of these days😉. Sean has done a Sterling job of bringing us not only his fabulous photos, but his constant feed of beautiful virtual safaris which we so look forward to. Bravo !

Thank you Cally. I would highly recommend macro photography and hope episode 4 of the series will aid you in this pursuit. It is incredible to see the small creatures of our world come to life! I will pass your thoughts onto Sean, he has been brilliant in his role.

Great series Tristan, thank you.
Sean, you are very much still a ranger but now you are one to everyone who watches the weekly video blog. As with JT, you are such a natural behind the camera it feels like I’m in the vehicle next to you!

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