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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on The Importance of Bird Language

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Matt the sounds of these different bird calls is so absolutely beautiful and calming. I would love to hear that everyday when I walk outside. It’s true birds do warm when there is danger. We have the Cape Robin Chat here by us. He warns us when there is a snake in our yard. He makes an alarming call and then we go and look , there is a rinkals in our yard. Many a time he has warned us.

This is also something I like best about being on a safari: the awakening of all the birds and their different calls to greet a new day. It’s just wonderful!
Thank you for the great audio! It’s fantastic to be able to listen to all these African bird songs here at home.

Quiet listening is a skill many people find hard to do let alone master. Matt, you have mastered this skill. Thank you for sharing. I love to listen to the birds.

Thank you for this relaxing, much-needed pause! We have kingfishers, orioles and robins in the EU although different. Spurlfowl may be less colourful but not less interesting!

Matt, Thanks for a great reminder of how birds are such an important part of the guests experience, and the ability of trackers and rangers to understand what is happening around them! The Soundcloud recording is fantastic!

I miss the sounds of the bush a lot. That is one of the reasons the Sunday vlog is so nice!
So thank you for this blog!

Love this post, thanks! It reminded me of a trip I took to the Amazon many years ago where I made recording in the jungle during the day and at night. And while I have many lovely photos from that trip, listening to those tapes takes me back in an equally if not more powerful way. 💗

Thank you for this! The birds are so often overlooked and they are a crucial part of our world. Sitting here in Carefree, AZ, USA, I played the lovely soundtrack while listening to our native spring chorus. I am sure there are a few confused gila woodpeckers, roadrunners and such! “Who are those noisy new guys in the neighborhood?”

Since this morning was a bit too chilly to open my windows and enjoy our local morning birdsong, I especially appreciated listening to this one while eating breakfast and reading the blog. Thank you.

Thanks for the beautiful audio Matt, it took me right back to when I was there last month – I particularly loved to hear the Woodland Kingfisher – and also see them with their gorgeous colouration.

Loved your blog Matt as I have always enjoyed the sight and sounds of birds having grown up in the Lowveld. I miss the diversity and those glorious early mornings when Africa wakes up. Now I try to entice as many of the birds that migrate or live in Malta to my garden. Sadly it is difficult as hunting here has a huge impact on some of the more rare birds and often on a walk in the countryside all on hears are sparrows and Sardinian warblers.

Thank you Matt. The audio was wonderful and I will replay it over and over, it’s so calming. The photos of the birds you included are lovely.

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