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Tugwaan 2:3 Female

Tugwaan 2:3 Female

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3:4 Female

3:4 Female

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Tristan is a Zimbabwean born journalist. He grew up moving farms in his home country and moved to South Africa to attend Rhodes University. With a passion for wildlife, it was a natural progression that he gravitated to Londolozi. He worked in the ...

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on Photography Series Episode 2: Generations through the lens

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Really great photos! Interesting to see the ones of the late female leopards.

It really incredible to see the generations of leopard Christa. Also gives a real feel of just how much Stoff has witnessed in his time at Londolozi!

Tristan, We absolutely love this new series! It was wonderful to hear Stoff’s history at Londolozi and learn more about leopard lineage! He is such a special man and we always enjoy our time with him. Now we are even more impressed with his photographic skills! It was interesting to read about how his camera equipment has evolved, and his images are fabulous!! We have followed a similar path with our equipment and gadgets – always wanting the newest camera or iPhone. Please send Stoff our best regards!!!

Thank you very much Michael and Terri. It warms my soul to hear your kind words. Stoff is such a wealth of knowledge and an incredible photographer. I learnt so much about this special place and am thinking about writing another blog just on Stoff’s history at Londolozi, there is so much to tell. Great to hear there are more gadget wizards out there, and I’m sure your imagery is incredible. Will pass on your regards to Stoff!

Thank you SO much for sharing such precious memories and amazing pictures of leopards royal lineage! I watched the documentaries on such amazing creatures. I’m so glad they reach a very good age. The look of the 3:4 baby is incredible. She’s fantastic!

It really is a fantastic sight to see these memories. I felt privileged to tell Stoff’s story. Its really special to see the 3:4 female on a slide and gives a real feel of just how much history the Londolozi leopards hold!

Tristan it must be such an experience learning and working with the legendary Kane. He certainly has gained so much information that he has shared with you Rangers and us, much appreciated. The foto of the leopard cub in the rocky den is priceless, so beautiful. That is were all the stories started on the leopards from the mother leopard.

Valmai its truly incredible to learn from Stoff! It all stems from the Mother Leopard and the dynasty she created. I agree that the photo of the cub is really moving, it’s special to see an apex predator so small and vulnerable.

Nice change of pace Tristan. Stoff’s shot of the leopard at the pan is stellar!

Thank you Bob and Lucie. I fully agree with you on the pan shot, the intensity Stoff captures is just incredible!

I really like this new series on photography. Wonderful pictures, thanks.

Thank you very much William! It is so easy to put peoples passion on paper and I just can’t wait to get the next episode out.

I’m thoroughly enjoying your photography series Tristan and loved reading about Stoff’s journey from guide to Managing Director, all the while taking up photography as a serious hobby. His early slide photos of the Tugwaan female and her cubs are so special and classic images for the time.
I share his passion and interest in capturing images are are meaningful to oneself, not for profit, but for the love. I have moved through my own photo journey much like Stoff, beginning with film and slides, and acquiring my first little digital in 2006. Now I own the same Nikon as him, but bought a mirrorless Sony A7r4 to try something lighter and with eye tracking. Now that Nikon has released their own mirrorless, it’s only a matter of time and I’m sure Stoff will give it a go. I’m looking forward to your next feature on Amanda!!

I am very glad that you are enjoying the series Denise. You kind words inspire and I can’t help but feel excited for the episodes to come. It is incredible to hear the photographic journey that you are on and its inspiring to find people in search of meaning with their photography. Your holistic understanding of tech really does make me envious. I never got to work with film and slides and sometimes I feel I take our new cameras for granted. I look forward to connecting further over the passion of Amanda’s people photography and how she connects us all to wild spaces!

A really interesting blog Tristan. Loved the pics. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Leonie. I am glad that you liked the blog, and my hope is that you’ll follow along for the next episode!

Hi Tristan, Well that’s really bought back memories after 32 years and 20+ visits, many with Stoff and Erence who first introduced us to 3 4 ! Still have an amazing 3ft photo of her in our hallway! Feel very privileged to have been a very small part of the Londolozi Journey and hopefully not all over as looking forward to our return this November. Love to all. Joan and Derek Wright

I’m humbled to be in the presence of giants Derek and Joan. As our guests I feel you are far more than a small part, you are our Londolozi journey. It is incredible to hear that you have been visiting for 32 years and I’m sure you would have incredible stories of 3:4! I have heard she was such an incredible leopard. Keep well and the Londolozi family will be waiting with open arms in November!

Thanks for providing a small selection of Stoff’s portfolio. I remember a conversation we had with Stoff telling me about the new Nikon D850. As soon as I landed back home I managed to get the only D850 on Hong Kong island. Still my go to camera (and the 300mm 2.8 that I used to have to “borrow” from Stoff during my visits to Londolozi)!

Hey Al, yeah as you said just scratching the surface of his portfolio. We are looking to doing a historical piece of his life at Londolozi, we felt it deserved its own blog! Glad to hear that you got your hands on the D850! Such an incredible piece of equipment, the detail in those shots are just breathtaking.

Loved this blog Tristan and the story behind Stoff’s life at Londolozi…..certainly takes me back to my rather poor photo I got of my first leopard at Londolozi 40 years ago…so bad that no one can recognize who it was at the time 😁. Stoff has come a long way, unlike myself and has created some superb photos. I look forward to the next episode 🙏🏻

Hello Cally, I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog! And I relate to you as I recall trying to capture a leopard though binoculars with my phone camera. The results were not what I hoped. I’m sure that you have some good imagery. And if not I promise give it a bit of time, read the series, get some tips from friends. You’ll be capturing great shots in no time

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