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Mother Leopard 2:2 Female

Mother Leopard 2:2 Female

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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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on The Original Mother Leopard: End of a Lineage?

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With three leopards killed recently I do hope she survives.

Too much sadness in the loss of leopards throughout the Sabi Sands this year. We need a leopard story like this one that ends with the very best outcome. 🙂

Thank you for tracing their lineage. This has always been so interesting to me- not just seeing many beautiful leopards but knowing who they are and where they came from. I look back at some of my photos and I’m not always sure who they are.

Thank you for helping me identify one of the leopards I saw as the Mashaba female 3:3!

With all my heart, I hope she recovers from her leg injury. It would be a shame to lose this lineage from the mother leopard.

Sending love to her, so hoping she recovers and lives a long leopard life ❤️

Amazing article. We know you don’t interfere with the wildlife. Can’t you just help her leg? Please?

Digital Ranger

Very impressive linage thank you for sharing. Enjoyed reading this Blog

Can humans not intervene with the leopard having the hurt leg and fix it for her so she can go on? We have that technology. We help people all the time. Why not animal people?

Senior Digital Ranger

I truly hope the Ndzanzeni leopard makes a full recovery. It would be heart breaking to see the end of a legacy.
We lost our own Queen of leopards this past March in the Northern Sabi Sands.. Karula was one of those special leopards, like the Mother Leopard, who stands out as something quite special. Karula has given birth to 11 cubs. One cub was killed by hyena in 2014, and one Xivindzi disappeared at around 18 months of age.. She has raised 9 to independence.. She has 3 living daughters..2 age 10 and her last female is now 19 mos old. Sometimes I wish that the Sabi Sands didn’t have a hands off policy, but I understand why they do.. Thank you for keeping us informed about what is happening with Ndzanzeni.

Thank you so much for posting this – hope remains indeed! I really enjoyed seeing these family trees, knowing their lineage really brings to life all the connectivity. And in feeling so bonded with them after seeing them there in August, it is an honor to be able to stay up to date on the events happening in their lives.

I feel in this case medical care should be provided. As Mother Leopard’s last descendant on Londolozi she has tremendous historical value! The lineage should not be allowed to further o.o extinct! That would be a real shame.

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for your concern.
You’ll be happy to know the Ndzanzeni female is at 100% health and currently raising another cub. He is another young male but still…
Best regards

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