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Jemma grew up on a farm in the Midlands Meander in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied at the University of Cape Town. With little bush experience but with many hours of au pairing, teaching English and forming a love for travel, Jemma found herself ...

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on Tips From Our Nature Reunion Ambassadors: Part I

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Good story Jemma and it shows that each person relaxes and connects to nature in their own way. Will in the cold bath, Amanda in het veggie garden, Jess by the Leadwood tree and environment. For me just to sit outside and watch the clouds moving, listening to the birds calling, and in the evening listening to my owls calling each other. Great satisfaction inside of me when I hear them and see them flying.

Thank you so much Valmai, I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog. It sounds as though you have a wonderful way to connect to nature too. I also love watching owls.

Each of us connects with nature in a different way, time , and place but, connect we do. It is deep within my soul where peace resides that I connect and see the natural world and its beauty. Thanks to Will, Amanda, and Jess for sharing.

Jemma, What a wonderful post. It’s great to hear from Will, Amanda and Jess about their unique ways of interacting with nature. We’re still not sure we are ready for the cold plunge first thing in the morning, but promise to try it on our next visit. Nice to hear about the Wim Hof breathing exercises too. It’s something that we use after our workouts sometimes! Amanda in the garden – sounds just like her for sure, and we love that special Leadwood Forest that Jess walks in almost as much as sitting on top of Ximpalapala!

Thank you Terri and Michael. The cold plunge is daunting at first but you could get used to it with time. Ximpalapala is also a special place to reconnect to nature.

Thank you Will, Amanda and Jess for sharing your individual nature reunions. Whilst each is a unique experience for you, they are similar in respect to what you gain from your time spent alone, becoming one with nature’s elements. Reading these tips just empowers the rest of us to seek our own personal nature reunion.

Great ways of enjoying nature.

I can totally empathise with both Amanda and Jess. My garden is my joy, the place where I commune with nature and notice every interaction down to aphids and ants. There is nothing like a forest and trees to bring that sense of calm and peace. Somehow trees nurture me and make me whole. But sorry Will, I won’t be having a cold water bath anytime soon. 🙂

Tayla. Leapoads🤗

When I come in November, I am going to ask to go to the leadwood forest!

Thank you Tayla for sharing some of the Londolozi family’s personal reunions with nature. I relate to most, though our time is mainly spent at sea. There we enjoy winter swims that connect you with the shy creatures that one rarely sees in summer and the cold water certainly is invigorating! On passage for days on end with no land in sight, brings a different kind of peace and plenty of time to focus and ground oneself, but I do miss the forests. As for my garden …it is certainly my haven when we are back on land. Every plant, bird, insect, gecho or lizard are old friends that I spent hours enjoying. Every moment is an opportunity to reconnect with nature..but your world is very special indeed 🙏

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