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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #499

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Love the dogs and the Serval

A really beautiful and varied portfolio of photos this week. Can’t wait to see what you do next week, to top this!

Wow Mawelawela is a huge beast

My oh my a serval in full light! I’d love to see and know more about small cats. They are poorly known and endangered. The Mawelawela male is a reward for sure! I love the pictures of the blooming aloe and the little bird and the scorpion. But this striking light will make it more visible to predators. Do you know why has it evolved this way? The lioness expression is captivating

I love the sunbirds! They are so pretty.
And all the other pictures are amazing, too.

What a fantastic collection of photos this week; how on earth will you top that for no 500? Has anyone ever seen a serval in a tree before? – thank goodness it was quick enough to escape the wild dogs. I’ve seen a secretary bird once or twice in Londo, fascinating creatures. Last week we visited the Hawk Conservancy (in England) and 1 of their demonstrations involved a secretary bird “killing” a rubber snake! It was fascinating to see how the bird used 1 foot to hold it and the other to beat it – the sheer force it used was amazing. They do a lot of conservation work in southern Africa with some endangered vulture species, which they had flying low over our heads, quite an experience.


Ah, it’s so good to be on your mailing list again. That collared sunbird is stunning!

Really nice photos this week. Thank you,

Dogs, birds, leopards and a serval, wow what a week!!

Another great group of photos. OMG a serval! Whenever I got to ID one on Zooniverse I would feel so lucky. Beautiful capture of the iridescent feathers on the sunbirds and the UV glowing scorpion.

Sean the Serval foto is so beautiful. Love the foto of the Senegal bush male with the setting sun behind him. The Malwelawela male leopard is huge and stunning foto’s of him. Two sunbirds so colorful and absolutely stunning . The puppies are so cute and I am ecstatic that they denied on Londolozi. Your foto’s are stunning, good light and perfectly positioned.

Thank you Valmai, it is a lovely collection of different photos this week.

Sean, another spectacular week of photographs..I find it hard to pick a favourite as they are all stunning ! Obviously the Serval cat tops it, just because it’s such an unusual place to find one and perfect for the ultimate photo. … But Loved them all 💓

Thank you so much Cally.

A nice write up to begin with Sean and the pics were outstanding. I really enjoyed TWIP. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much Leonie. I am so glad you enjoyed this TWIP.

Sean, Thanks for a great set of inspiring images! Nice to see one from Stoff too! It was great to see images of the Serval – super rare for sure!

Thanks so much Michael and Terri.

Wow! Week #499 is simply amazing. The serval up a tree, the puppies, a secretary bird, the multi-colored sunbirds, and the magnificent Malamala male. Even better, that low-angle chameleon shot by James S is one of the best I’ve seen. I can hardly wait for July 9th, #500!

Loved the birds! Interesting trivia about the scorpions. Makes sense that an ultraviolet flashlight would come in handy in those parts.

Thank you for another wonderful glimpse of your world. So glad the wild dogs are thriving and that birds and leopards are doing well! take care Victoria

You got a such an array of pictures to show case. I think this week my favorite was the scorpion. It was great to see this little predator lit up with the ultra violet light.

Thanks so much Linda.

So cool to see a serval in a tree!!

Master Tracker

A serval is a rare beast to see – but I dream of you showing us the caracal one day

Hi Ian, I dream of that day too. I am desperate to see a caracal.

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