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Christina is the Wellness Co-Ordinator of the Londolozi Healing House. With 22 years in the health and wellness industry, she has studied multiple healing modalities but specialises in intensive body work, yoga and breath therapy. She combines wilderness and wellness in a unique ...

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on The Body Activation ~ A New Year’s Practice

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Lovely blog Christina.

Christina, I loved the comments🤗

I am looking forward to it IF (big IF) it is possible to travel.

This sounds wonderful, even the cold, plunge pool follow-up although full body immersion for 3 minutes sounds daunting. I’ll try the home shower “contrast”, even though in this cold weather it will be difficult to turn my warm steamy water flow off- allowing myself to stand there for a minute, well let’s start with 10 seconds and go from there….🙃

I am absolutely going to try the shower technique… And one day soon hope to get to the healing house for the real thing !

YESSSSS!!! I’ve been taking the cold shower twice a day since October, after seeing Wim Hof on Dr. Mark Hyman’s Instagram post and subsequently reading his book. It’s been exceptional in all the ways you mentioned above, although not quite as wonderful as it would be after a round in your Infrared Himalayan Salt Heat Cabin!! Wonderful post Christina, and very much looking forward to a visit when things improve here!

Perhaps our dips in the winter sea here are not enough after reading what you have in store..would love to try the full treatment at Londo 😊🙏

Christina, We have heard about the ice bath concept and look forward to testing it out on our next visit to Londolozi! Plus, we will try the cold shower at home too!

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