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Amanda is the Londolozi Marketing Manager & has been in the marketing, advertising & creative industry for 15 years & the health and wellness industry for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from The University of Cape Town ...

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on The Psychology of Safari at Londolozi

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Lovely blog Amanda.

For me and in my own experience of lots of safaris there is nothing else (really absolutely nothing) in the whole world that is as good as a safari, for body and soul. Even the eyesight improves from all that looking for animals.

Senior Digital Ranger

A fantastic experience which you have described so well Amanda. The worst part would be returning to the norm again but it would undoubtedly be with renewed energy and endless happy memories.

Amanda, I loved all the photos🤗

I believe this. I think nature is a true connection to our selves. When we give in to nature it truly has a healing sense over us. My mind used to go and go and go!! Once I started just enjoying the quite, and when I say quite, I mean peaceful, birds chirping, water flowing and wind rustling leaves kind of quite. It gives you a sense of worthiness. So I bet this is intensified on a safari? I would love to be able to go and if ever giving the chance, I will go!! Thank you for sharing such an informative story!! You made this make sense to me. I do enjoy all the stories and videos and content that you all have blessed me with. I want to tell you thank you for sharing this with us. Nature is a part of us and I think everyone knows this but to understand why, that is where you can help people like me to understand why. I think your letter explains it well. Very interesting as well. Like you saying it was proven to be but just recently with the technology we have now confirmed such!!

There’s really nothing left to say except see you soon!!

Master Tracker

Indeed a lovely blog

Thank you Amanda for giving us insight to absolutely peacefulness and relaxation on a safari experience. I can believe that once you are there, unwinding and forgetting about everything, just taking in the natural sounds of the bush and animals, it can make you whole again, rejuvenated. No words can describe your inner soul,mind ,heart.

Love, love, love the video! My husband and I enjoy sitting outside at home and just listening to the birds before during and after sunset when it changes to insects and frogs. We can’t do that now as we recently had about eight inches of snow and it’s very cold. It was wonderful to hear the African serenade. It helped to bring back some of the serenity of safari. The three canvas prints you made me from my photos are some of the first things I see in the morning which also reminds me of the feeling of Londolozi. Thank you.

Senior Digital Ranger

You words are so true, as we have experienced it ourselves… the feeling is euphoric… we are so blessed to live by the ocean and it will do that to you too! Keeps you going in such a positive direction!

Oh my. We had to postpone our planned return for last November but have fingers crossed that we’ll be able to travel across 12 time zones in October. It’s past time to replenish our spirit with you and in the Londolozi environment.

Amanda, I’m glad you’ve posted the dawn chorus video again, I’ve been playing this when I do yoga at home ever since it was posted last June. I’m just desperate to get back to Londolozi – but postponed my November trip to February, then to March and now to May. I’m really hoping that will be ok, but who knows right now?

Definitely captures the experience. It never takes us long to enter the zone. Mornings on the deck are so wonderful, experiencing the world awakening around us. Fingers crossed for July!

Dear Amanda I wish I was there… magical pictures and tale!

Amanda, you’ve said it so well. I have always said that I am my best self when I’m at Londolozi – and you’ve filled in all the details of why that is. We will be back for our 6th visit and can hardly stand the wait!

Brilliant and beautiful post!

Amanda, apologies for a late response, however, your post hit us at just the right time! This is truly one of the most beautiful and enlightening Londolozi blogs we have read (and watched!). From your helpful breathing techniques, educational physiology, and the psychology of safari are all brilliantly presented in a way that is understandable, and helps translate the physical and emotional experiences we have on each of our visits. We will use your words and recommendations as a pathway to feeling “well” and further inspiration to get back to this special slice of the world that we love! Thank you Amanda!

I feel that moment as soon as I step off the plane and into the bush – true belonging and relaxation start to set it. It’s really powerful and I can never explain it.

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