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Rich is the driving force behind Londolozi’s online storytelling and the founder of the Londolozi blog. His passions of digital media, film and photography have seen him build Londolozi's online ecosystem into a unique platform for advocacy of the restoration and rewilding of ...

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Stunning! One of the most beautiful videos coming out of the creative hub. It speaks to my soul. Well done Rich. It is truly amazing and embodies everything Londolozi stands for.

Senior Digital Ranger

How fortunate for Londolozi that you, Rich, can tell its story in the most beautiful ways. You (and all the Londolozi family) make my heart ache for a return. One of these days . . .

How beautiful. The voice, the imagery is representative of what it feels like to visit Londolozi. Spiritual awakening is what I have experienced each time I visit and the reason I must return. Words can’t describe it but your video comes pretty close

This is beyond special, moving, emotional and should be seen by everyone. My compliments.

Inspiring video yet again. Such a spiritually connective place. Well done Rich.

I have goose bumps….!

Amazing indeed

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful! Captures the heart and spirit of Londolozi perfectly. Nicely done. Ready to pack my bags again and join in!

Awakened 🙂 Beautiful!

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my goodness me that is a really stunning & very thought provoking video! Thank you Rich Laburn & all of Londo for making my days so special. 🙂

Beautifully filmed and edited.

This video is so amazing, it really strikes a cord with me. For me, it embodies everything of what I imagine Londolozi to be, a place of unity, harmony, untamed beauty and wild encounters. The harmony with nature and the understanding of oneself and how we are all connected is I think the primary reason I am so fascinated by Londolozi and why I am dying to go there (it even beats my drive to be among leopards and to photograph). I feel that if I get there, I will understand who I am more and revitalise that connection to the bush that I feel like I lose in the city. Every day, I feel like the lowveld is calling out to me and I want to heed the call, but I know it will take time.


I get goosebumps every time I watch it. I think maybe the fact that our ancestors came from the bush is one reason why I feel such a strong connection to it (despite the fact that I have more fingers than bush trips that I’ve been on), I have that desire to reawaken that connection to the land and the wildlife and myself.

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