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Christina is the Wellness Co-Ordinator of the Londolozi Healing House. With 22 years in the health and wellness industry, she has studied multiple healing modalities but specialises in intensive body work, yoga and breath therapy. She combines wilderness and wellness in a unique ...

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on Massage Myths And Simple Truths

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This is exactly what I need right now… unfortunately I’m too far!

Francesca I hope you can find a good body work therapist near you until we can see you in person 😉

I enjoyed the massages at Londolozi immensely. It is always something to look forward to.

Im so glad you enjoyed your treatments Christa. We hope to see you again soon!

Christina, massage is the best and at times the only way I get relief and rest for my body. I had polio at 7 years old and was paralyzed from the neck down. Polio is a virus that attacks the nervous system and in my case killed many of the horn cells in my spine. Massage gives my nerves the gentile yet needed movement which I can’t always provide by walking or yoga. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful massage is for both my body and my mind.

William thank you for sharing some of your story. I am so pleased to hear that you can find relief from massage. It truly is of great benefit for our wellbeing.

I agree with Francesca – unfortunately travelling from Scotland a bridge too far for me at the moment.

Christina, your blog clearly explained what a massage really is and can do. Like many others, I used to think tightness or “knots” in my muscles could be kneaded away, but it never worked. After visiting The Healing House during my first stay, I came away truly relaxed, calm and mentally re-set. Gratefully I was able to experience once again a gentle massage in tandem with your soothing words in April, allowing me to enjoy my afternoon game drive with heightened senses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and words.

Denise I remember that wonderful session on your founders room deck with great fondness. I trust you are keeping well. We look forward to your next visit x

Wonderful blog Christina. Massage is the perfect way to relieve pain and it stimulates the nervous system. I am sure there at Londolozi in that beautiful environment a massage can improve your health and mind set as well . Being in the bush with clean air and being surrounded by lovely and efficient people, you can just get the best treatment that is available to you

Thank you Valmai 🙂

Christina, What a great explanation of what message does and does not do for us! We look forward to our next visit to Londolozi and a return to the Healing House!

Thank you Micheal and Terri 🙂 we look forward to welcoming you back! xx

Homeostasis is the goal of massage therapy. I agree with that statement. When I received the massage therapy, I fell right to sleep.

We hope to see you again soon!

An enlightening blog Christina. Enjoyed reading it and there is some good advice in it. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Wish I could one day visit Londolozi, but that will not be.

Thank you for your message Leonie xx

The Healing house is a joy to visit. you are welcomed, not only. y the friendly staff but wonderful aromas of plants and perfumes! I have had a 90 minute every time I have. usités them and at the end I feel relaxed and refreshed, I look forward to my. ext one. However, massage is not all they do. In 2018 I covered my self in glory by forgetting 2 of the 3 steps from the bar area to the deck.. I was ok but had a bruise on my left cheek and the ladies of the Healing House made a small jar of some wonderful magic potion which not only took away the pain. , but also helped heal the bruise! they are fabulousThank you Victoria

Thank you for this lovely message Victoria. We are so glad that you had a good experience with us. Also so glad our little concoction helped heal the bruise we love a little alchemy at the Healing House 😉

The post was really good and informative. Do share more.

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