There is a fair degree of lunacy at Londolozi. As the moon rises this evening things at Londolozi will most likely take on the usual course of absurdities. Whether it be the sounds of guests shrieking with laughter at another great joke told by their host of the evening or the drumming of the choir, the sounds of the Londolozi dinners can sometimes have a certain level of lunacy! Not helping things is that June’s full moon is a Supermoon and a little later today it will be at it’s fullest and closest for the whole year.

Acacia branches over the moon - Photographed by Rich Laburn

Acacia branches over the moon – Photographed by Graeme Marais

Traditional thinking held that the moon, which has such a profound effect on the tides, held a similar gravitational effect on the human body. There is a belief that everyone goes a ‘little crazy’ every 29 days or so. Sadly this theory has been debunked and the world has realised that we all have a little crazy in us anyhow, lunar gravity or not. At least we’ve borrowed the words lunatic and lunacy from the supposed effect.

I have never personally tested the theory due to the fact that, at Londolozi the days are generally filled with some form of lunacy so it is difficult to decide whether it is more apparent in the staff and guests of Londolozi at specific times of the month. We all supposedly get a little more excited when the darkness is banished and are prone to getting out and having more fun. I know that the staff members and guests never want to miss out on a bit of extra fun so there will be no doubt the Bomas of Londolozi will be buzzing this evening!

The waxing moon - Photographed by Rich Laburn

The waxing moon – Photographed by Rich Laburn

Tonight’s Supermoon will appear at about 12% larger and 30% brighter than normal. In technical terms the moon is at it’s perigree or closest approach to earth at about 357,000 kilometers away. Full moons create an optical illusion on the horizon that makes them appear bigger than they really are. It’s worth taking a photo and comparing what your eye sees to the ‘real’ digital image.

If you haven’t gone mad and you can spare the moment, which I highly recommend doing, head outside at sunset and watch the ‘bad moon’ rising. It should be truly magnificent but probably best viewed through a Maroela tree with a gin and tonic in hand. Can’t wait!

The full moon - Photographed by Rich Laburn

The full moon – Photographed by Rich Laburn

Written by Tom Imrie

Photographed by Richard Laburn

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on Londolozi Lunacy

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Jenifer Westphal

Amazing – I cannot wait for June’s SUPER MOON to rise here in Philadelphia – thank you for your wonderful moon shots Rich! Enjoy your lunar evening!

Lynn Rattray

Thanks….these are amazing shots. Still waiting for a viewing here in Tampa, Florida!


It was amazing to watch…

Kate Neill

What a special sight! Great video Rich!

Elisabeth Douglas

Amazing, we had the same moon last night here in northen Europe. And we spent 3 days celebrating
midsummer, a very crazy time of the year with nights more or less completely light in Sweden. Now we are moving towards winter and darkness.


At 4:32 on Supermoon morning when the viewing was to be at its best, we woke to find coastal fog here in Santa Cruz, CA. What better substitute for a first hand experience than seeing Supermoon through Rich’s lens from Londolozi? Great video and stills, and Graeme, your shot through the acacia thorns is brilliant.

As always, Tom adds a bit of lunacy to any occasion.

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