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Megan grew up at Londolozi, where her love for nature blossomed. With a degree in Visual Studies and Social Media Marketing, her journey came full circle when she joined the dynamic Londolozi Creative Hub, where her love for nature and visuals finds its ...

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on Starry Nights and Fireside Stories: The Magic of Londolozi After Dark

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My most magical night time experience was on my first visit to Londolozi. We had a Boma evening around a fire in the Bush . The whole bar , supper and your amazing staff provided an evening of stories , songs and stars.

Thank you for sharing your magical nighttime experience, Susan! It sounds like a truly magical night around the fire in our boma.

Megan, you painted a beautiful picture of Londolozi at evening. I am sure it is enchanting with all the lanterns.

Thank you so much for your kind words, William. Londolozi’s evenings are truly enchanting, and the lanterns add that extra touch of magic to the experience.

I love the starry nightskies and the wonderfully illuminated decks of the different camps. I also love the boma dinners , the fire in the middle the beautiful lanterns around the boma, the friendliness and great hospitality of alle the staff. And, of course, I love the nocturnal animals when they agree to be seen.

Thank you for sharing your love for Londolozi’s starry nights, illuminated decks, Boma dinners, and our staff, Christa!

Megan all the bomas and decks are so beautifully decorated with the lanterns, so romantic. It brings totally another atmosphere to the decks and bomas. I’m sure sitting outside by the fire is followed by a lot of story telling of the day’s spent watching and experiencing the bush i all it’s glory. Listening to the animal calls must be very interesting to identify the different animals and owls.

Hi Valmai – Absolutely, the lantern-lit decks and bomas create a romantic atmosphere, perfect for post-safari storytelling. Listening to animal calls and owls definitely adds to the nighttime magic!

Every experience at night in Londolozi is magical because it doesn’t exist in my normal daily reality. After returning home from Africa, I quickly yearn for the starry skies, the welcoming warmly lit lanterns and the mysterious pops of light(belonging to any number of creatures) appearing in or near the bushveld during the drive back to the lodge. If one is lucky enough to enjoy an evening in the Boma, that’s a bonus!

Your description captures the enchantment of Londolozi nights perfectly, Denise!

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