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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Wild Dogs Chasing the Full Moon- Virtual Safari #162

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Senior Digital Ranger

Wild dogs are such a treat to see. Their coats are beautiful.

Wild dogs are great to see.

Very cool. Thank you for the Sunday smile!

Thank you so much, Candice.

Senior Digital Ranger

Looks like a banner month for sightings! Following the dogs 🐾 with a full moon is lucky “as all get out!” #98⏰

It was an awesome sighting.

Hi Sean, that was an afternoon well spent with the wild dogs. Your footage is absolutely stunning especially those on in the silhouettes. Had to smile when the wildebeest chased the wild dogs away. All their markings are different on each one. I saw there is an injured wild dog, hope it will heal quickly.

It really was an afternoon well spent. It was entertaining watching the wildebeest chase the wild dogs.

Sean, what an amazing sighting of the wild dogs. They are quite stunning in appearance but even more exciting when they move into action. Your segments in silhouette and in sundown mode were spectacular. Each one is unique and that’s what makes them exciting to watch. Your lighting for the sundown shots was perfect! Well done.

Thank you so much, Denise. It was an amazing sighting which made my life a little easier.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a great sighting! The lighting was beautiful and the full moon with the dogs was gorgeous! I remember the photo of the dogs in the sunset from the last time, it was stunning!

Thank you so much, Debra. It was such an amazing sighting and yes, the lighting was spectacular.

Hi Sean, I know I will sound unpopular, but I’m against the reintroduction of (any) species. I wonder if prey and farmers have had time enough to be able to defend themselves against reintroduced predators. I know it’s not Londolozi ‘s situation, but wild dogs come from very wide areas and leave, as you said, a trail of destruction behind. I am into the drama following the reintroduction of brown bear and wolves in areas where they were absent for a while. A disaster. This is purely human’s fault. Let nature adjust things the way she does. Anyway the video is gorgeous and the light and colours of animals, vegetation and the full moon are superb. A pity not to see such a scenery

It’s impressive the injured wild dog is able to keep up with the rest of the pack. I hope they are able to make a full recovery. What a beautiful scene.

It is impressive and so awesome to see how they look after each other and make sure that they are all adequately fed.

I love this one Sean! The wild dogs have become such a favorite of mine, especially after the series of posts on the unlikely couple that James and you all followed during the worst part of the pandemic. This round was especially cool with the changes in light and texture throughout the video. And then there is the segment with the dogs and the full moon… stunning!

Thank you so much, Paul. Wild dogs are such fascinating animals and so to have them around is so exciting. I was super fortunate with the lighting and opportunities to portray these stunning animals in such a variety of ways.

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent virtual safari. Really enjoyed seeing the wild dogs. I’ve seen them in Pilansberg, but never near Kruger. The image of the moon at the very end was really beautiful!

Thank you so much, Paul. We are fortunate enough to get to see the wild dogs probably every two weeks on average. Sometimes more frequently.

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