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on Day 4 – The Ancient Knowing Of Elephant

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Love it.

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in a forest, hearing the sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling – then open your eyes to see a herd of elephants, the matriarch and her family including days old calves. They move without sound, those grand animals cradling so much knowledge passed down from many generations. They learn by listening, example…… I need to move more slowly and carefully, without noise, opening up to life’s lessons. Thank you for a beautiful lesson.

I ran 10k today and I am about to walk on the beach – We live on Amelia Island, in FL

An excellent day once again. I really enjoyed the breathwork today it was very relaxing to my body and some aches that have sprung up lately. Thank you!

My favorite animal. Just what I needed this morning. Thank you

Thank you. I feel like i might need to take a little nap. I am totally relaxed.

Loved this one. My favourite animal – the elephant! The breath work was wonderful! I feel calm and relaxed.

To follow my own knowing, as elephant, I must settle in to the such-ness of my own specific being: that which I am and the way that I am, with all my gifts of nature and grace.

We have spent so much time with elephants over the years. I enjoyed being reminded of their memory of the pathways to water. Their elegant movement and patient feeding habits is so beautiful. I’m really enjoying the breathing exercises as well, as it is something new for me. Thank you. MK

The breath work today really connected me back to my Healing House visit last November. We may be physically far apart, but these exercises connect us. Thank you!

Senior Digital Ranger

This session was particularly illuminating for me today. The guided breath work is so helpful as I find myself holding my breath too often- holding in tension, holding back, eating too fast, etc. The importance of softening, feeling presence of heart. I also found the animal card interesting today- more fun, playing and joyful-not always the first image I have of elephants or myself , though I long to be. Walking with the elephant made me feel lighter- again a contrast to expectations and worth exploring.

Guided breath work is so helpful, as I think it’s an area we don’t think about much, and we neglect. The feeling of taking such deep breaths in are hugely calming and beneficial. It’s good to be reminded to do it more often. Thank you.

My favorite animal and so much can be learnt from these mystic and ancient creatures. An incredible breath work technique, really loved this one. Can’t wait to be back in the bush among a herd of these gentle giants, listening to their rumbling voices and looking into those amber eyes.

I loved the description of light and solid mighty elephant.

I recently heard and read of an article about Elephant Culture by Dr. Jon Lieff dated March 9, 2014. With today’s mediation, The Ancient Knowing of Elephant, this tied up everything so fittingly.

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