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on Day 5 – Tortoise: The Power Of Home

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I feel most at home in my Amelia Island, FL
I went for a run today and went 10k and I walked on the beach today!

Love it.

Breathe, be, take time to really live, share…….

I love all of these lessons that I am learning and see them as building blocks to a more connected self. Thank you for this gift.

With each day just the right animal and element is presented for me to continue on my path. Thank you.

The tortoise meditation is perfect for me now. In this time of great change and challenge, the idea of feeling at home and patiently and steadily moving forward is very comforting and thoughtful. The breathing exercise will come in very handy in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you. MK

Thank you so much for these glorious journeys.
I so appreciate them. Inspiring and thought provoking lessons. Each has resonated on some level, but tortoise has been tapping me on the shoulder the whole year. I just loved this one. Thank you. How beautiful to be supported by such universal energy and by our Earth. Thank you. X

I can tell anything to my animals, or nature and feel much like the tortoise, totally free to be myself and present in this moment, safe as in my home. All of nature has a wisdom humbling to the human ego. Gratitude and meditation are also doors to open my heart and soul. I’m truly grateful for these wonderful meditations and the presence of the loin to write these words here. If there is such a thing as past lives, I often wonder if I was not something from nature?

Yes, there’s an old saying that “home is where the heart is” & I concur because as “heart” & “love “ are also enjoined so is the feeling of safeness, peace & belonging. Really my lovely big comfy bed is my favorite “home”. In daylight I can see the trees outside, birds of all kinds making their homes in the branches singing & loving their mates. We are home & Tortoise expresses that perfectly.

This felt grounding today. Great meditation and breath work. I also loved the connectedness to Earth. Going to walk barefoot on the grass today!

Thank you for the reflective space.

I feel at home here in the AZ desert, in a Midwest forest, in the rainforest of Belize and at Londo:-)!

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