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on Day 2 – Speak Your Truth

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Tina Canales

Exceptional content with a beautiful voice. A lot to think about today. Thank you, as always.

Bejay Watson

Thank You so much. Such a beautiful way to start the day, questioning, re-assesing and observing ones truth -as it is now- Connecting Mind and Soul. Re-discovering ones place….🙏

Gemma Thompson

It’s a beautiful moment in my day to hear your voices guiding us and connecting us together as community, and to ourselves as leaders. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Rosalind Charles

At this time of fear and isolation it is so helpful to be prompted to be still and be encouraged with confidence to think outwards… Thank you

Judith James

We often ignore our intuition and must learn to trust it as a path will open. However, I am at the moment clinging to the shore …..

Christine Evans
Digital Ranger

This touched me on a very deep level & made me cry. The lesson of speaking your truth has been brought home to me with family & friends. When I first started my journey in listening to my intuition & the guidance that came from it… my family called me the “whoo hoo Aunt” & I while I laughed along with them, it still hurt. But it was something I had to do for me. I thought I would lose some of my girlfriends because I had a hard time being around their negativity but still I persisted. Now I find my family & friends have changed & are more accepting of my way of thinking. I actually hear them repeating things that I have spoken. Be true to who you are, you never know who is ready to hear your words.

Allison Hajek

Love this Christine, thank you for sharing your journey

Eve Eaton

What came up for me on Day 2 is something that comes up often when I allow myself the time to get quiet and reflect: it is within me. I just need to listen and follow the signs. xoxo. Thank you for bringing this to us. What a perfect time for this! #loveit #lovelondolozi

Ivy Wilensky
Digital Ranger

Although I am alone I must seek out my community – those that I can help and those that help me

Keith Elliott

Learned. Learning is magical.

Jennifer Ridgewell
Senior Digital Ranger

At this time I am inspired and encouraged by the words of the Nopi poem to trust intuition, move to the middle of the river and join together with the pack for the greater good of moving forward. Yes, the river knows where it’s going and the sense of community where I live is palpable. Feeling calmer in the past 10 minutes than in last 10 days.

Beautifully said

Andrea Dahm

That poem resonates so deep with me, and it is red so beautifully! Thank you from the bottom of my hart.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

A beautiful voice speaking but I had to listen twice, three times to fully understand all the words, distracting. I found the words of the Wolf most compelling; by bringing focus to our external world/community, our inner world quiets…important words for me today.

Sharron Gilbert

Beautiful words and thoughts on the journey to
Inner peace and understanding.
Thank you

Thank you

Elsa Young
Guest contributor

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
I feel a portal has opened and beyond lie beautiful gentle treats.
I am so grateful.

Di Metcalf

Thank you again. The time limit of the journal reflections is helping me to look deeply, pushing the babble aside and focus.

Gail Gould
Guest contributor

This could not come at a better time as I am struggling with an old foe Anxiety. It’s been at bay but has crept back on me and I need grounding and calm. Londolozi was such a touchstone for me. I am forever in gratitude for my days and nights spent there. Love GG

Ginger Brucker
Senior Digital Ranger

This was a beautiful and incredibly timely choice both the meditation and the Wolf. Strong imagery. I especially resonated today around letting go of the shore-push off into the middle of the river.

Kat Ddio

Beautiful. So appropriate for the times we are living in. Gives me strength

Claire Takahashi

Thank you for this lovely content. A question – did anyone at Londolozi have an experience with a wild dog or hyena today? Perhaps approximately around 10:30am PST (not sure what time that would be for you there)? I had a deep felt sense of this as I was coming out of today’s meditation <3

Jemma Brewitt
Londolozi Creative Hub

Hi Claire, wild dogs were seen early this morning which was very special!So you were right

Claire Takahashi

oh wow that is so amazing <3 I had such a deep sense and picture of being there and seeing them through one of your eyes – so special & thankful for the experience. Were there any pictures taken? Sending you all lots of love from Washington state ~ Claire

Julienne Lentz

Enjoying this exercise. Thank you♥️

Rachel Yordy

A couple weeks ago, I journeyed north to the Indigenous community I lived with for years in northern BC. While there, I saw a lone white wolf at the edge of the forest, two nights in a row. I knew she had a message for me but didn’t understand. Listening to the Hopi prophecy, now, it all makes sense. She was signalling the end of an era, and calling me to find my pack. As the world slows down in southern BC, I find myself with more time to retreat to the forests and shorelines of the Salish Sea where I now live. Tonight, as I looked to the mountains across the sound, I heard the howl of wolves echoing around me. Here on the Sunshine Coast, we literally howl our gratitude to frontline/essential workers at 7pm each night – sounding the call that we are all together in this, amidst our physical distances. Listening to the howls tonight sent shivers down my spine… our pack is everywhere. It’s been here all along, we just had to slow down enough to remember what truly matters, and come back to balance.

Paul Canales
Digital Tracker

Many expansive opportunities offered here; much gratitude.

Cally Staniland
Digital Tracker


Ryan James

Be open to the wisdom that comes from my children. Listen carefully.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. I look forward to enjoy it all live again when we come back in November and back we come!

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Beautifully narrated..,.. the concept of intuition is mocked my many who don’t understand the truths that reside within each of us. It takes courage to take charge, leave the shore and find our place.

Kara Taylor
Digital Tracker

Very true Denise, Thank you!

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