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on Day 1 – The Tenacity of the Dung Beetle

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Love this message – it goes beyond Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, Water Buffalo!

Such amazing practice! Thank you so much!

I am so grateful to begin this second series. The first really changed the way I view priorities. I loved the journalling today with the question of how can I get the ball rolling without knowing where it will go? That is so powerful to me because I do get bogged down in knowing what the end result should be. This felt freeing to just think on ways to go about starting goals not knowing the end – I came up with so many ideas this way – Thank you so much!

Love it. So true. Life will take you to where you are meant to be. Just let go.

Feeling very grateful to Londolozi-initially I was impressed by your the habituated leopards, the photography, then by your philosophy, your Lightroom tutorials (and the list goes on…) And now this. In addition to helping one cope, it’s an enrichment-thank you for your generosity. ❤️

I love a dung beetle! Gives ‘get the ball rolling’ an entirely new perspective.

Thank you so much for this gift.

Thank you for confirming the healing value of meditation. I appreciate the integration of the animals and nature as I do that myself quite both in photos on my daily walks and, my personal writings.
Janice Neal Meyer, MDiv
Author, ” A Low Country Advent”
A Daily Devotional Guide
Published Nov. 2019
Available on line Amazon.com

The tenacity of the dung beetle is a lesson for all of us. In watching this smallish beetle push his mighty ball, one wonders where he’s headed, if he knows his final destination or if he will know his journey is complete. My takeaway is not to worry so much about the outcome but to enjoy the journey, breathe, relax, and it will be. Thank you for this new beginning of our seven day journey,.,,

Dung beetle offers the opportunity to remove the emotional charge from beginning, and freedom from needing to “know” the result before it is revealed. The doing is…

This is brilliant! Loved this! Best one so far! Even the breathing.

Amazing, thanks so much!

Inspiring and calming. I’ve been looking forward to this as Boyd’s podcast ended. Perfect timing! Thank you. 🙏🏻🐾 GG

Felt totally energised after that breathing excercise

I was very appreciative of the focus on the tenacity of the beetle. It is particularly appropriate to the challenging period we have been in for the past 24 hours in our business. Thank you for the breathing exercise. We will try it again to practice.

How I long to return there! Thank you for continuing the series, offering connection to the magical place that is Londolozi. In today’s meditation on the dung beetle, I found myself focusing more on what he rolls rather than the fact that he’s rolling. It’s literally “his sh*t”! We all take our “sh*t” with us wherever we go. Typically we are ashamed – or righteously indignant – about the nature of our dung. This tenacious beetle reminds us that dung also is a life-giving form of nourishment and regeneration of ourselves AND the environment we all share. We need only to shift our focus. Tend to our “sh*t” with care and compassion.

Gratitude to ant and dung beetle for their teachings today… and their service on the planet, supporting the cycles of creation and decomposition. A beautiful way to begin round two… thanks!

Excited to be back for Round 2 of this animal wisdom journey! Interesting breath work – felt a lot of energised sensations at the end of it. Are you able to give us a little more info on the diagram on the Ant card? Seen it before but not sure of the deeper meaning. Thank you!

Feeling so much gratitude towards these practices and being able to connect with the nature inside of me, it is an incredible gift, so thank you! Absolutely love the oracle cards as well

Inspired, energized. I have a new direction for an artwork! To honor the dung beetle! Much gratitude!

I’d like today health, happiness, and make peace!

I volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club Nassau county, Miller Club

Digital Ranger

Thank You
I specialize in helping people breathe!!
I am an Anaesthetist!!!!
No one has told how to breathe myself before
By the way i live in Canada but i grew up in SA
I was at school with the Varty brothers
Please say hello to Jon, who was in my class

Kudos to Londolozi for making such wonderful material available.
I have been thoroughly enjoying the Londolozi stories for a while and am delighted to have now started the Animal Wisdom Challenge.

I feel gratitude for the image of the dung beetle to teach me how to get the ball rolling.

Thank you for this second series. I am also taking Boyd’s online course. I love to see elements of shamanism (the breathing today reminds me of the fire breathing that is part of my “Inca” shamanic training) and also of “intellectual” mysticism (e.g. the sacred geometry piece that reminds me of my Rosicrucian studies). There are many paths up the mountain, and the world cries for us to take them, but the synchronicities afoot are truly amazing. I cry with joy in the face of your wisdom, strength, and beauty.

Breathwork is amazing. Love it. Thank you

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