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on Day 2 – Connecting To The Wild Dog Pack

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My husband is my best friend. I can ask him for anything!

This was a great day. I had to listen to it twice before it all clicked. Again the card connected it all for me when it said that your entire life can expand based on a solid spiritual foundation. I find that very true based solely on the last 2 to 3 weeks of these guided meditations and internal work that you have gifted us. I absolutely feel a change and an expansion internally. Truly grateful!

Love this.

Reading this reminds me of the poem by John Donne beginning with “No man is an island, entire of itself “…. the wild dog pack is made up of individuals that need one another to survive. Sometimes we think that remaining solitary demonstrates strength, not needing others but in fact, it isn’t true. During these times of isolation from others it is documented that depression is at an all time high- we need contact with others to move forward. Wonderful words and yoga practice.

I had a bad experience with yoga…a friend took me to what was definitely not a beginners class. I came away feeling overstretched and inadequate.
What a delight this whole package was of yoga at the river complete with fish eagles, journaling and reaching just the spots that need reflection and focus both physically and emotionally.
thank you again for this ongoing gift.

Absolutely stunning. Love the Wild Dogs!

So much to un-“pack” here, pun intended. The analogy of Wild Dog’s relational wisdom to self and the pack relative to my physical, emotional and spiritual well being, and that of those I live, care for, and work with is brilliant. Gratitude.

I did viualize the dogs running in packs. all working together, but each one an individual. The card was a special help in writing my thoughts. I listened to the meditation twice in order to stay in that place of serenity. Thank you. It will help me today with some of my challenges. MK

Senior Digital Ranger

Love the drawings on the cards and the wisdom. Gentle reminders. The wild dogs seemed to run around me today, as I sit in quarantine, feeling a
bit disconnected and alone-a reminder they are always connected beyond the physical. Had the experience of being amongst a pack while visiting Londolozi. Incredible to see.

Connecting to the beautiful wild sounds of the yoga practice was truly spiritual for me. For half an hour, I was no longer living in a busy city, I was on the river banks connecting to the intelligence of nature. Thank you.

Love this lesson from the wild dog. Finding a foundation with discipline in my spirituality has made it possible for me to run free with the pack,full of trust in myself and with those I surround myself with.

My husband is best friend – and also my sister

Very helpful points of reflection. Thanks

During this pandemic, I have been able to ask for help from my son and be able to give back to him. These meditations help clear one’s mind to possible solutions that have been blocked.

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