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on The Theories Behind Zebras Stripes.

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They are marvellous animals, their coats reflect their adaptation and pure wild spirit, as their complex personality and intelligence, luckily they can’t be tamed and stay pure creatures of the wilderness. Their migration across Namibia and Botswana longer than 300 miles, the longest big-mammals migration, is a clue of their resilience and strength.

I would like to believe all three theories are correct to one degree or another. Only time (and research) will tell if there is more clarity to be gleaned from their beautiful design. I think nature did a great job creating such beautiful and iconic creatures.

Patrick, thank you for the information about Zebras. They are unique creatures with their stripes.

Beautiful photos, Patrick, and interesting theories about zebras’ stripes. Probably all three are true. I wonder again and again about nature’s intricacies and how it all works together.

First of all, thanks Patrick for including such amazing images to accompany your article, especially Kyle’s high key and Kirst’s detail shot of the mane. Zebras have always been perceived as a curious animal, in part due to their unique coloration and physical characteristics. Horselike, except for the mane, and a more stocky body type, they are also quite skittish from my experiences viewing them. Your information is interesting, especially how their stripes and close proximity to one another can confuse prey. Enjoy these blogs!

Hi Patrick, it is such an ingenious way to firstly keep cool under the sun rays, secondly the stripes optical illusion for the pests and insects is absolutely stunning. Thirdly the camouflage strategy is to protect themselves is a very clever way of staying alive. Thanks for your fascinating story on the Zebra stripes.

Thanks Patrick, that’s really interesting. You refer to their stripes having a dazzling effect – maybe that’s why their collective noun is a “dazzle” of zebra?

While not technically a stripe question, it is true that zebra’s have black skin beneath all those stripes?

Very cool post Patrick! While the camouflage seems obvious, the other two theories are completely fascinating.

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