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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Pink Elephants On Parade On Valentines Day

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In questioning if this little elephant is the same that Sean saw in 2019, it got me wondering if the leucisitic patches change over time, or, if like a spotted spot or cat, the patterns of light and dark skin remain throughout its life.

Hi Kyle, that’s fascinating. Are those 2 genetic conditions hereditary?

So this most recent little blue eyed ellie is already 3 yo? Poor little buffalo…that makes me sad 🙁

Interesting how the other animals of the respective group or herd react to albino and/ or leucistic calves.
Hopefully this little elephant is allowed to lead his special life in this group.

Kyle that little elephant calf is so special with it’s pink colour and blue eyes. The leucistic condition is actually better than the albino condition especially in the African sun. Well if it is the same calf that Sean saw a few years ago, it is doing very well under the circumstances of it’s condition. Thanks for sharing this rare condition with us Kyle.

Hi Kyle, it’s fantastic that the elephant calf survived for so long and thrives, is it a male or a female? It would be interesting to see if it passes on its charcatcteristics… on the other hand, the story of the albino buffalo calf is too sad, the other mothers reacted the way they usually do with calves that have something wrong. Poor mum, in exhile with her calf. I know that no intervention is required, also because it isn’t an endangered species and no human fault, none the less the future of such a creature would have been a unique challenge to be followed as well. Thank you for the fantastic pictures and tale. The elephant calf is absolutely adorable!

Once again, you have outdone yourself!!! Beautifully done! Awesome explanation and wonderful pictures of this special elephant! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Valentines Day to you and H!!!!!

Kyle, thanks for the information about leucism and albinism. Nature never fails to amaze me. Hope the little elephant survives.

This is a great follow up to your TWIP post Kyle. That post left me wanting to know more about this fascinating creature, and especially the risks associated with its leucistic pigmentation/condition. Thanks also for contrasting this with the risks of albino pigmentation in the wild. Super interesting, and pulling for this calf!

Beautifully explained Kyle, dissecting the differences between an albino and leucistic animal. If in fact the small pink elephant you viewed a couple of weeks ago is the same little one Sean viewed 2-3 years ago, then yes, it has adapted quite well and is considered a member of the family.
I saw the albino buffalo last April, and sadly observed the other females abusing the little white calf by shoving and kicking it until its mom herded it away. I suspected it wouldn’t survive very long.
And then there are the white lions… almost white fur and blue eyes? Leucistic?

Master Tracker

fascinating-many thanks

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