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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Habituating Jaguars: A True Success Story

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Thank you for all the information on the Pantanal and the marvelous images. I have often dreamed of photographing the jaguars of the Pantanal and learning how devoted they are to the conservation of the jaguar and all wildlife, it has moved further up on my list of “must sees”.

Dan, your trip sounds amazing. And I love your photos. Chuck and I will be at Londolozi in October, 2024 and look forward to seeing you, Jess and Freddy and learning more details about this great adventure. Please post more photos …..I’m sure there are many more. What truly beautiful creatures they are.

This is yet one more reason why Londolozi, and its people, are so incredibly special. This is absolutely one of my favorite blog posts.

Wow, what a great experience!

Great story! Fantastic I’m so fond of Pantanal and the jaguar, as well as other special creatures and flora. It’s a paradise I’m glad it is not going to be lost

My goodness, Dan. What a fascinating, entralling, and exhaustive (and exhausting) recounting! Thank you for this out of the ordinary blog.

omigosh SOOOO happy to hear of their work there in Brazil! Extremely important with the ‘climate’ there! We were fortunate to visit the Amazon and learned of the importance of preserving our rain forests…what a experience (and yes, completely different safari)! We want to visit the Pantanal some day, to see the jaguar (as well as Londolozi to see more leopards)! Thank you for sharing your experience and information!

How lucky you are to have experienced the jaguars of the Pantanal! We spent 4 days there a few years ago and had the fortune to see and photograph a number of these amazing cats. It’s wonderful to hear that the population is stable and habituation is working!

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved this post! It’s wonderful to hear of the projects (basically sister projects to Londolozi) and how your experience can help with the success of more endangered species around the planet. So Cool! Thank you! The photos are fabulous!

What an incredible opportunity jou three had there in Brazil. Makes a person’s heart warm to see that they want to preserve the jaguar population and try an imitate the Londolozi way. Even Andrea and Richard had good experience they could share with them as well as you three, helping and getting them started to experience the way Londolozi exhibits it’s animals. Well done!!!

What an amazing experience for the three of you to spend time in the Pantanal. Reading your account of how all of this came about was not surprising given that Londolozi has been the forerunner of Leopard habituation, in addition to so many other things. Thanks to Andrea and Richard’s expertise, the Oncafari tracking team seems to have made tremendous progress with its jaguars, making the Pantanal a destination for tourists and wildlife photographers. Your story also reflects the relationships that develop between guests and their rangers/trackers, in many instances creating lifelong friendships. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

That must have been an incredibly interesting experience for all of you. I seem to remember your former ranger Adam Bannister was involved in this after he left Londolozi?

Master Tracker

It is heartbreaking to read (on a daily basis from my Facebook feed ) of the issues facing the Pantanal and the Amazon

Dan, what a fantastic adventure for you, Jess and Freddy. Thank you for sharing.

What a wonderful opportunity for the three of you, and for Richard and Andrea ten years ago. I’m so glad that these two teams could collaborate to spread more knowledge and awareness of the importance of conservation and how to do it sustainably. Well done by all, and how fortunate for you to visit Brazil! Perhaps we’ll go, too. 🙂

Dan and Freddy, What an incredible experience! We enjoyed riding with you just before your departure and could see the excitement you had about the journey! It looks like you hit gold with getting to see so many Jaguars in such a short time. How much larger are they than the Londolozi Leopards? Thanks again for an amazing safari experience. We are still sorting through the images!!! Pixels are free, but editing time is not!!

Stunning photos! Great to see and hear about the positive results from all the work and effort by all involved! We must add this to the “must see” list! Thank you for sharing!
We had such an amazing time in Londolozi thanks to you, Freddy and Brendan!

This is brilliant Dan! Thanks for posting!

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