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on A Morning with Ntsevu Pride and Cubs

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It would really be great for all the cubs if the Ndzhenga Males can hold their territory at least till this bunch is grown up. As always, Kirst, the fate of Londolozi’s lions is so exciting. I love watching these playful cubs.

Thank you Christa. Time will tell as always. The lion dynamics for sure keep us on our toes.

Kirst, thank you for the pictures and information on the different prides. Great pictures of the cub jumping over the resting male lion.

I was pleased to see the male lion was not too phased as the little cub jumped over him.

What a exciting time with the whole family and cuteness overload with cubs! Their fathers look in their prime, excellent conditions, very strong and healthy. Their manes are an indicator of their power and no hesitation or wrong move in their actions so far. Hopefully they will be the fortress along the brave mothers to keep them growing

We certainly hope so too.


Wonderful photos, Kirst! This group of cubs is getting so big – and bold! The Ndhzengas seem to be both tolerant and protective fathers which bodes well for all those offspring!

It is so wonderful to watch the cubs playing with each other. Very glad the Ndhzenga male was not in a bad mood when the cub was playing with hin and jumping over him, they can be quite cantankerous at times. Looks like a perfect family together, let’s hope they can keep it together and hold on to their territory.

These two Nhdzenga males certainly seem to have little pressure of late from any neighboring coalitions. We can only hope these cubs continue to thrive.

Senior Digital Ranger

What wonderful pictures of cubs interacting and playing.

Thank you Sandra.

Terrific reporting on your sighting of the Ndhzenga males with part of their pride. It was entertaining to see your photos of the cubs testing the mood of one of the males by tapping him with his paw, and then there was minuscule reaction, leapfrogging over him to continue playing elsewhere. Priceless! I’m curious as to where the Ntsevu female and her two small cubs we viewed fit into the family. I’m hoping the Ndhzenga males can continue to protect their Ntsevu family so the cubs will have an opportunity to become independent and play an active role in their pride. Looking forward to the next sightings.

Thank you, Denise. It would seem that one of the other lionesses must have mated later on with the Nhdzenga coalition. Time will certainly tell if she is able to introduce them to this portion of the pride or if she will join the other two Ntsevu lionesses with their younger cubs.

What an adorable sight. I’m sure that was the highlight of the day for all humans involved.

Thank you, Chelsea. It was wonderful to see them together, especially on a cooler morning where the cubs played continuously.

Kirst, Well done on a fantastic sighting and great photos! We loved seeing the cubs on the male – very special!

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