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on Tracking Jaguar in South America

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I love you read all the Landolozi blogs. Today’s blog just hit my heart head on. I love animals and conservation. I can’t wait to read more about the wonderful trackers Andrea and Richard and their adventures in South America. Bravo to all involved

Stay tuned Betti as we are receiving lots of stories from Andrea and Richard’s aventures at the Caiman Ecological Refuge.


I couldn’t agree more, that everything is linked and we should all be involved in protecting the flora and fauna. I am a big fan of everything you do for the big cats, and I applaud all your efforts. I loved seeing everything at Londolozi. Here’s where I have my questions…What are you doing for the rhinos and elephants?? At what point do they get the same spotlight? Because once they disappear, there aisn’t much left.

Hi Geri, thanks for your comments and questions. I agree with you that every species needs to have the spotlight shone onto their particular cause. While we cant do all of the species at once, we do have major initiatives happening for both elephant and rhino populations within the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, of which Londolozi is a part. We will post stories on these when the time is appropriate. Thanks again for your feedback.


Just got back from the Pantanal where we had 13 jaguar sightings in 5 days. We were on the “Flotel” that is anchored just outside the park boundary. We were in small boats, no land trekking. Not much else to see–a couple of howler monkeys, capybaras, caimans, birds (if you are into them), I do like hawks & saw one steal a fish from a heron. But—it will be a very long time before the Pantanal can reflect the magnificence of Londolozi. I won’t go back to the Pantanal, but I will return to Londolozi for a third visit.

Great to hear that you experienced the Pantanal and had so many Jaguar sightings!


Absolutely fascinating! Well done, gentlemen.- and ladies! Keep up your marvelous work.

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