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on The Week in Pictures #610

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Senior Digital Ranger

Great pictures of the week! It’s difficult to pick just one favorite.

It escaped my mentioning that your images were not only beautiful, but thoughtfully described, more than in photographic terms. Your emotions were apparent in describing each photo, and the editing was spectacular, especially in the monochromes. My favorite was Xinkhova looking up, illustrating her wide eyes and those long whiskers. Thank you for sharing your art with us!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful photos Amanda….but the commentary gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing such insight and reflection!!!

Senior Digital Ranger

To many beautiful pictures to choose from. The black and white pictures, landscape pictures.

Amanda, your photos are “wow” photos. So beautiful, especially the light in the pictures. I like the one in nearly black and white of the two Ntsevu lions greeting each other best and the one of the bird ,wings spread out and hovering over the water best. But all the others are just as amazing.
Sitting quietly watching the animals is just the thing one should do when on safari. Away from the constant babbling and everyday worries and noise.
I am looking forward to this.

Amanda, What a fabulous set of images! We love the creative ways you edited them – each image was unique and your touches seemed to help tell the story. We just returned for our latest visit to our “favorite place on earth” and it did not disappoint – best ever visit. The new Founders camp is unbelievable! We did not get to see you, but connected with many of the family and team that we know (even Sean too!) and love. Your marketing team is doing and exceptional job!

Amanda just sitting and listening and watching brings such calmness to a person in the bush. You can learn so much from just observing the daily activities around you. Parking the vehicle and waiting in anticipation for the next animal or bird to come past is so rewarding. Your images are full of colour and tell a story of one just waiting to see what happens next.

I really appreciate your gorgeous photos and the description of the experience. Thank you!

For not having taken photos much lately, you haven’t lost your touch! Gorgeous shots! Love the ellies crossing the river pic best tho!

This is such an insightful and thought provoking blog this week that demonstrates the most important aspect of a drive to me. The luxury to leave man made noise and walls, and travel through the bush or grasslands, save for the sound of the engine, is a celebration of the senses. Nature is pure and magical and so full of lessons that often aren’t realized until you return to your room. Reading your blog has certainly intensified my longing for another visit – October 2024 can’t come soon enough!

Wonderful. You gave nature a deep insight and meaningful image. I love the description of each pictures, especially the depth in catching the intentions and emotions of big cats, buffaloes, giraffes and elephants. I followed birds such as Shags for years to get an accurate ethogram, and they hunt fish in the water just like the hammerkop of the photo. The leopard’s pure beauty and the intensity of lions and the buffalo s look are fantastic.

Amanda, my favorite picture is the Battler in flight. Just a beautiful shot against the blue sky.

What happened to the Lions part 2 blog post…why ya leave us hanging?

Senior Digital Ranger

I love the first photo of the elephants in the water. The one in the center with her ears fully extended looks like she could fly. One of the first things I see every morning are three canvas prints you made from my photos for me. They always make me smile.

Lovely pictures, a special emphasis on the contact of the eyes 👀 with the camera 📷 on many of the photos.

It gives a special feel to photos that show this

Great photos & insight… I’m sure we all experience different feelings & emotions when looking at your beautiful photographs… but then add the element if being present in the moment… for me it was so overwhelming, powerful and very humbling. The experience of being there in Londolozi will never leave me….

Senior Digital Ranger

That hammerkop had to feel quite rewarding!

Amanda, I love your perspective! Both the visual perspective and how you framed and edited your shots, and the thoughtfulness with which you conveyed the messages and higher meaning from each moment. I aspire to live my life in this way, and intend to create more time to do so. There was such beauty in your images and your words. Thank you .

Digital Tracker

The hyena shot is my fave, followed by the hammerkop pic! Beautiful!

Fabulous photos this week…..of course I always love the leopards and lions, but this week I love the giraffes and the tree branches, as well!

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