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Sherry and I are returning to Londolozi next month for the 6th time. The reason for our return is the Londolozi effect. For me, it can be described in one word. Peace.

Peace is the feeling I get when the light aircraft is in its final approach to the air-strip. The anticipation of seeing our friends again. The joy of seeing the big 5 in one game drive (Yes, it actually happened last trip).

Peace is the feeling I get watching the wild animals at rest, between hunts. The delight of seeing lions reunite and literally smother each other with playful hugs and affection.

Peace is the lesson I learn while enjoying a sundowner watching the gigantic sun set and cast a magical light over the land. It is at this time that I reconnect with nature and fully realize that there is always something new to learn and respect. There is something bigger out there…

I can’t wait to see you all again!

Senior Digital Ranger

I am both tingling and pensive over this eloquent and beautiful post!!! Thanks Amanda for compiling all the thoughtful narratives. Now I need to reflect upon my own!

You’ve written a powerful and thought-provoking article today Amanda, and whilst I have thoughts about my own experience of the “Londolozi Effect”, I’m going to reserve writing anything until after my next visit that occurs in a couple of weeks. For now I’ll just say Londolozi is a place where I feel more whole and connected to the earth, embracing Ubuntu in its purest form.

Amanda I am sure each individual has their own experience at Londolozi, being it long or short vacation. There is so much to do there and so little time to see everything you plan to see. The wild life and environment is to die for and the open fresh air that fills your lungs with new vibrant energy. The staff are there at your beck and call, food so delicious and appetizing, well displayed on every occasion. Peace on earth that can be experienced only here at Londolozi.

I have been thinking about the Londolozi effect for a day now. While I have never experienced Londolozi in person I have followed each days blog for over a year. The immersion into the bolts has give me the sense of this wonderful place throughout the words and pictures that are shared. My motorized wheelchair causes just enough inconvenience to not allow visits to many places in the world. Not to mention a lack of funding, haha. Each daily blog sharing an update on the most recent goings on at Londolozi bring me closer to our natural world. All I can say now ism that the Londolozi effect is real and present in my life. A great big thank you to all the staff who share their experiences and lives so that I might enjoy a small taste of Lonsolozi.

From 1982 through 2021 I have found family at Londolozi. The warm welcome at the airstrip begins my return to the family. I find my heart and my soul at rest. Searching for and finding a breeding herd of elephants reminds me of bonding and protecting one another. Each of 10 visits to Londolozi has been special and rewarding. In Hawai’i we speak of ‘ohana’ which is family and I have a ‘ohana’
at Londolozi.

While I have only visited once so far back in 2018, I certainly felt #TheLondoloziEffect. In addition to everything said above, when I reflect on it now, it was a deep, unintentional inner child healing. It took me back to my authentic self (which is so much more obvious when we are children, before we have been completely subjected to familial and societal conditioning to become working machines to feed Capitalism) where I was one with the earth, nature and the energy of the Universe. There is nothing to worry about as the fantastic Londolozi team takes care of your every need and comfort like a mother would. You are not responsible for anything besides showing up, and when you do you are rewarded with an overwhelming sense of peace, joy, love, and connection to all living things… When you lock eyes with a bull elephant not 20 feet away from you, you realize you’re both made of the same stardust and that feels like pure magic. Our stay was one of the most sacred experiences of my life. I can’t wait to come back again someday.

The Londolozi effect…hmmmm. Life changing each time. I will be returning in September for te 7th or 8th time-I have lost track. Everything from the animals, the people, the food, the smells leaves a memory that if triggered takes me back. I watch the videos and follow the blog and most times it brings tears to my eyes. I feel connected to nature and diconnected from technology and the chaos of the day to day when at Londolozi I get excited when sitting outside after lunch and hearing the sound of the small planes landing with new guests-excited for them. The unexpected happens everyday. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen a leopard in a tree, or a lion on a kill each time I just can’t believe how lucky we are to witness all the incredible creatures in their environment. It will 5 years since I have been and the Londolozi effect still effects me

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