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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on Hyenas Vs Lions At The Londolozi Airstrip

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Thanks for that, Kate. I always find the sound of hyenas whooping quite spine-tingling.
It would have been a very interesting scenario if a plane had been due to land!

Thank you Suzanne!

Thank you Kate for the great videos of the scene at the airstrip. The interaction between the lions and the hyenas was something to see.

Thanks William – it was a very exciting morning!

Are the two Nkuhuma lionesses related to the Styx pride? It seems awfully risky for them to approach the kill of another pride and that many hyenas without any back up of their own. I wonder how often sharing amount prides actually happens. I can’t imagine very often, so what a treat to witness it. Glad it worked out and everyone got a piece of the carcass.

What an eventful morning. And, wow, so many hyena. I always wonder how they dare to attack the lions. The lions seem to be so much bigger than hyenas. But it’s probably the number of the latter ones that make them so successful, isn’t it?
Great photos and videos.

Thanks Christa! Yes I do think that there is an advantage when numbers are in their favour.

Kate your images are beautiful of all the commotion going on there. The lions and hyenas are indeed enemies and just look how the hyenas out numbered the lions so that the would be able to feed on the carcass. Even the Tawney eagle made an appearance. The airstrip is a busy part of the reserve, open and full of activity.

Thanks very much, Valmai!

WOW! What a great catch!!! The hyena made me laugh when they got the leg.

Thanks Anita! Agreed – the hyena were rather amusing throughout the various interactions.

Absolute incredible photos and video!! Hopefully no plains was due to land!

Thank you Gawie!

Remarkable recap Kate! Were all these hyenas part of the same clan (presumably the Sparta Clan given the location)? Also fascinating lion dynamics as well!

Thank you Michael! Yes, it is likely that majority of them are part of the same clan on central Sparta.

Senior Digital Ranger

OMG! What an amazing sighting! The pure rawness of the moment…

Thanks Barbi!

Digital Ranger

Thanks for the memorable write up and photos which we were fortunate enough to view! No need to edit my pics as you have captured the scene so well.

Thanks Patsy!

Hoe fortunate to witnedd these encounters. The stealthy approach of the Nkuhuma lionesses was almost hunrous.

Thanks Vin!

How exciting to witness this incredible sighting – your story, images and videos truly brought the encounter to life! It was interesting to see the Nkuhuma females approaching the Styx pride in the submissive stride, hoping for an opportunity to share the kill. I believe if their numbers were greater, the Styx would have chased them away.

Thanks Denise! It really was an exciting morning with a lot of action!

Wow Kate, what an intense encounter between and hyenas and the lionesses! And an amazing array of video and still images. Brava!!

Thanks very much Paul!

Wow great pics, what an amazing sighting. I love watching lions and hyenas battle it out. True eternal enemies.

You can really see the size advantage the Nkuhuma lioness has over the them, not to mention the muscle definition on the forelegs and shoulders.

Thank you Tony. It is really an incredible experience to witness the interactions between lion and hyena, especially around a carcass.

Kate, What an incredible sighting! The faces of the lions filled with anger or fright are just amazing. The videos are epic too! We are sure it may have affected any flights coming in too! 😉

Thank you so much! Luckily there were no flights that morning, but nevertheless by the end of game drive there was no evidence on the airstrip – as if nothing had even happened!

Inter- and intra- species interactions are some of the most amazing moments on safari that one could ever wish for!

Just wow. And, so very close to ‘home’ — Londolozi

oh wow – intense video and pictures – these lions must just be thinking these hyenas are out of their minds, but in the end persistence pays off.

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