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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on My Favourite Antelope: The Kudu

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Beautiful creatures and so stately. Thanks for all the interesting facts. Love the close-up of the face of the Kudu. I have never noticed all the white markings on their faces when on game drives in the past. Next time I’ll most definitely pay more attention when I do come across Kudu in the wild again.

Thanks very much Babs!

Hi Kate, kudus definitely are a masterwork of nature and they are kings of their own bushveld. I remember Joy Adamson in her book “Queen of Shaba” ,a true story about the rehabilitation of a female mountain leopard in Kenya, claiming that kudus are the most beautiful animals. It is easy to agree, and sympathise with them when they are attacked by predators. I remember a tale by a ranger that found a full grown male kudu killed by hyenas in his lodge, he was rather shocked. Antelopes are just too graceful and sometimes more expressive than their predators. Thank you for the great idea of talking of such wonderful animals

Thanks Francesca. Thanks for sharing – I will take a look at Joy Adamson’s book, as I have not heard of it before.

Thanks for the beautiful article on Kudus. I love the photo with the Kudu as a silhouette against the evening sky.
I also love Kudus very much. They are so majestic, impressive and beautiful.Once a guide told me he calls them “the gentlemen of the bush”. However, for me the prettiest ones are the Impalas, maybe followed by the Sable, which one cannot see at Londolozi.

Thanks Christa!

I agree. Kudus are my favorite of the antelope I’ve seen. We got several really great images of both males and females during our visit. They’re very majestic and have such a commanding presence.

Thanks Chelsea! I am glad you’ve managed to capture your own photographs of these animals too.

I’m a big fan of nyala, waterbuck, steenbok and kudu. Each, for their own particular features and ‘attitudes.’ But, yes – kudu are intriguing in their aspect.

Thanks Willa – each of them are beautifully unique in their own way!

Truly stunning!

Thanks Michael!

Thanks for focusing on kudu, particularly the adult males. I was so impresed with the girth of the first adult male I saw and can feel the anticipation increase when a kudu alarm call is heard.

Thanks Vin! they are very majestic antelope!

Kate, thank you for sharing your perspective on Kudu’s. They are impressive. I do not have a favorite antelope as I have not seen any African antelope up close. The pronghorn antelope of North America is my favorite plains antelope.

Thanks William!

Senior Digital Ranger

Such a beautiful animal. Their horns are just amazing.

Thank you Sandra.

Great article. I see kudu often enough on Wild Earth but I never noticed their facial markings before, I had no idea that males could weigh up to 600lb!

Thanks Tony!

Master Tracker

Great article, super photos. We often forget how wonderful the antelopes are (from a photography perspective)

Thank you very much Ian!

Great article and photos of the majestic Kudu. I agree that their face markings are especially striking and the spiral horns on the male are amazing. As far as other favorite antelope, the Nyala are a favorite as well as the Waterbuck, both easily recognizable as well. Thanks for the informative article.

Thanks very much Denise! Glad you enjoyed this blog.

Is the horn of the Kudu ever used as an actual horn by humans?

Thank you Kate for this interesting post on Kudu. They are my favourite also. The close-up of the face was great… I have never taken notice of the ‘face paint’ before, probably too busy admiring their beautiful horns and body stripes.

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