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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on Memorable Moments on the Londolozi Airstrip

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A visit to the airstrip usually provides something interesting to view and you and the studio visual team have included a variety of iconic images taken there in your blog. I’ve been in the presence of a wild dog pack, as they protected the alpha female who was close to her mating time, all darting here there and everywhere. Another highlight was following the Flat Rock male along the airstrip as he began his territorial patrol as the light turned into the golden hour. So no matter if you fly onto the airstrip upon your arrival, as at some point, your ranger will take a drive to check out who might be there, resting, moving through or if you’re lucky, mating!

Thanks Denise. What amazing sightings you have had too on our airstrip – hopefully you will be able to add to your own airstrip memory log on your next visit!

Incredible wildlife viewing just on the strip! wow!

Thanks Gawie!

Such magical moments! All pictures are incredible, the airstrip favoured a perfect light and animals silhouettes. Also all peculiarities, like the perfection of the Ximungwe female and the mighty lionesses (Tsalala) and lions, their beauty increases from the Ndzenga male to the Birmingham male to the Othawa male, I can rarely recall such a handsome lion! And in the end, the Tsalala pride with Kinky Tail… I remember Satan was also called Mr T because of his mane shape. Absolutely pictures and emotional crescendo, to take one’s breath away. Great!

Thank you Francesca! What special memories you also have!

Great story Kate! We have been lucky to get some great shots too at the airstrip! James Tyrell had us all laying on our bellies to get the best shots!

Thanks Michael and Terri. Amazing – I am sure you took some awesome photos that day with James.

I have always favored your airstrip photos. That location presents great opportunities for even a beginning photpgrapher.
Two personal memories: On our first visit, as we prepared to land, rangers were seen chasing a herd of elephants from the strip. (My first thought actually was that this was being staged for us.)
At departure morning on another visit, we were surrounded by 4 lions. A friend took a photograph from the other side of the strip. It’s one of our all-time favorites.

Thanks Vin. Wow that is amazing – so special that you have witnessed some incredible moments on our Londolozi airstrip too!

That’s certainly a lot iconic moments at one place ! I love the wild dog picture by Robert and the black and white lion by Sean. Wow.

Thanks Kara. Agreed, those two images are truly spectacular.

My most memorable moment on the airstrip was seeing the Majingilane brothers (RIP) sitting regally, surveying their territory.

Amazing Jeff, what a sighting that must have been!

Wonderful gallery of iconic photos Kate!!

Thank you very much Paul!

Some really memorable images, Kate! And what a wide range of animals that are drawn to the wide open space of the airstrip! I’ve seen lions, giraffes, leopards and wildebeests there – can hardly wait to see more during my next visit!

Thank you Mary Beth! I know – I equally enjoyed scrolling through the archives compiling this collection of images. Who knows what you will see during your next visit, but I am sure that you will see something on the airstrip no doubt.

It seems that the best way to start a drive in the morning or afternoon, is to check the airstrip as it is such a favorite place for lots of animals, especially the cats and wild dogs.
What happens, by the way, if a plane comes in and the lions are busily mating on the airstrip?
What a fantastic way to start your stay at Londolozi.

I couldn’t agree more Christa. We will always head up to the airstrip with a decent buffer of time before the plane is scheduled to land (as will our air marshall) to make sure the airstrip is clear of any animals. I have not heard of anyone having to chase any predators on the strip before a scheduled flight but it is common for us to have to drive towards impala, giraffe, wildebeest or zebra that seem to mill about on the open grass areas on either side of the strip.

Seems like the airstrip is a place all of the animals like to visit and cross. Wonderful pictures Kate, thank you.

Thank you William. I know – this collection of images really highlights the diversity of animals that have spent some time at the airstrip.

Kate you brought back many foto’s that were shown before, it was like a trip down memory lane. Oh wonderful to see the Othawa male lion, which I really loved so much. Such a pity he has passed away. It looks as if the animals love the airstrip, maybe because it is so open. Good to see the lions and leopards mating as well. Phenomenal foto’s of all the different animals.

Thank you Valmai! Yes, I also enjoyed venturing into the archives and finding some incredible images capturing special memories so close to camp. I am glad you enjoyed this collection.

Soooo many great photos this week. But the one of Nenha, the last Birmingham male is my favorite!

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