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on The Birmingham Male Returns with New Blood

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The Ndhzenga males have arrived for nearly half a year and there is no blog about them, not even one, for me this blog is full of personal feelings, like eager to see the Ndhzenga fails.

Hi Maki, we certainly don’t wish for any lions to fail but rather to be able to witness what happens when two coalitions collide. Stay posted for an update on the Ndzhenga males soon.

Hi, actually I wouldn’t be enthusiastic at seeing the new Birmingham coalition defeated to death! I was sorry for the Othawa male, such a perfect gorgeous lion, but he dared too much. I hope the old Birmingham male will be as wise as he has been until now. He is a real fighter though, let’s see what happens

Hi Francesca, it certainly would be sad to see the Birmingham Coalition defeated as they have been such an integral part of our lion dynamics over the past few years. It will certainly be interesting to see what transpires over the next few months.

It’s been a wild 18 months for lion dynamics.
We saw the 2 remaining Birmingham males in winter 2021, having seen both on previous visits. They both were in pretty bad shape, one more than the other. It’s incredible how robust the remaining Birmingham male appears to be, given his condition a little more than a year ago.

Hi Vin, you’re right their condition in winter 2021 looked as if both were on their way out. The last remaining male looks like he has had a drink from the fountain of youth.

Hi, the Nkuhuma male is actually born in 2016 and maybe won’t ever have a full mane

Excellent post regarding the current lion dynamics. I loved the audio of the lion roaring that is something one can never forget – I get chills every time!

Hi Kara, I always hope that every guests that visits us has the opportunity to hear a male lion roaring. It certainly is something one will never forget!

Great write up, thanks! Looking forward to returning to Londolozi next year, no doubt it will have all changed again!

Thanks Liam, the bush always has surprises in store for us around every corner so I’m sure there will be some on your next visit.

Barry it is going to happen soon the fight between the coalitions. I actually feel sorry for all of them, it is a pity they can not all have their own territory. But that id the raw wild and we will soon enough hear and see who has come out on top.

Hi Valmai, it isn’t easy being a male lion particularly in such a high density area like the Sabi Sand.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Birmingham lion, they were such stunning lions.

Hi Valmai, I too have a soft spot for the Birmingham Males and it’s great to see him flying the flag as the last of his coalition.

Barry, thanks for the update. This will truly be interesting to observe.

Hi William, I’m also excited to see what transpires in the next few months.

Senior Digital Ranger

An interesting future is in store!

A Debra, it certainly will be interesting!

I wonder if Nhenha is bigger than the bigger Plains camp boy?

It would be interesting to see them side by side. They are both sizeable lions!

Thanks for this informative update Barry. I have a special place in my heart for the Birmingham males as they were the first male lions I viewed at Londolozi. Now I feel I have a vested interest in this last surviving brother as to his future. I’m happy to hear that he has formed a coalition with his nephew/son, just as Tsalala has bonded with her aunt. The solitary life of any lion is not in their nature , due to their strong Pride background, except I assume if a single male survives from a pride’s cubs,then he would become a nomad. At any rate, given the current dynamics of the Ndhzengas and Plains Camp males, the next few months should become interesting. If in fact, the Birmingham coalition could pick off one of the Ndhzengas, that could really change the dynamics. I’ll be looking forward to more updates.

Hi Denise, we have still been seeing this coalition on our property and I must say they are both looking in very good condition so certainly doing well.

Master Tracker

Fascinating , you can never tell .


Barry, do you know what happened to the Styx young male?

He died of (an assumed) terrible hunting injury.

Hi Stephen, he had a really bad injury on his leg that nobody witnessed what had happened. It was shortly after he and the Nkuhuma Young Male had killed and finished a wildebeest so we are unsure exactly what had happened.

Great story, Barry.
It is really fascinating how the new coalition will handle the situation with so many other coalitions around

Very interesting developments – I can’t wait to hear what transpires!

I thought I commented the other day. Nevertheless, great story, Barry. What happened to the male with the club foot that had recently been in a fight with another male ? Looking forward to bringing 5 friends back in May, 2024.

Hi Tricia, the male with the club foot is still around and was n to in great condition when I saw him about two weeks ago but he recently joined up with the other 3 males and has clearly benefitted as he was looking well-fed and in better condition. Looking forward to welcoming you back in 2024!

Hi Barry. The Nkuhuma male was born in mid 2016 and so is now 6 years old! He has never fully developed his mane yet as he has kept being nomadic after losing two different coalition partners. Hopefully now that he is with his dad/uncle he will develop into his full adult glory!

Hi Lisa, after not seeing him for a number of months his mane does seem to have grown a bit more but you’re right it has still not fully developed but fingers crossed he can reach his full potential now being part of a coalition with his father/uncle.

The rise and fall of these lion dynasties is incredible. There are no other animals on the planet that have such unique and complicated lives like a male lion. Hollywood could not script such fascinating storylines. It is amazing that we can witness and hear about the merciless lives of wild lions in real time and the full lives of these lions from cradle to grave. Always look forward to see what the next chapter will bring.

Hi Mike, you’re right the stories of Africa’s male lions certainly do keep us glued to the drama that unfolds daily.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you Barry for this super update. I’m amazed at the resilience of the “youth fountain drinking “ single remaining Birmingham male and his new coalition son/nephew member. I’ve really enjoyed all the stories about the new dominant Ndzhenga males but this update about this new coalition tugs at my heartstrings – the Birmingham males have been at the centre of our previous lion viewing at Londolozi on a number of visits – we are looking forward to this next chapter in the story.

Hi Jane, their resilience is truly remarkable! It will be interesting to see what transpires over the next few months and I hope they are still around on your next trip to Londolozi.

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