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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #563

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There are fantastic photos this week Sean, making it impossible to choose a favorite, so I have a tie vote for Kirst and Robert’s cheetah images, followed by the framing of the buffalo’s horn around the red-billed oxpecker. The birds were also beautifully captured and it was terrific to see your dwarf mongoose. The lions and leopards continue to be standard sightings lately and I never tire tire of seeing them. Thank you for this TWIP.

My best picture – the Cheetah mum and subadult with their kill. A lovely photo where the mum’s head and marking patterns are perfectly in place above that of her offspring. The Ximungwe Female with the dark background is also a great photograph.

It is mostly a challenge to choose 1 favourite, but the daggaboy photos is incredible! Thank you for the photos

For me, it’s a tie between Robert’s bee-eater and his image of the young Nkoveni walking past the ellies. 2 questions for you Sean – are the Nkoveni sisters spending more time on their own now? It’s time they gave their mother a break, she must be exhausted having to keep feeding all 3 of them. Secondly, the ellies don’t look remotely bothered by her…I know they’ll chase off lions when they have a breeding herd, but I guess a solitary leopard poses no threat.

Senior Digital Ranger

dwarf mongoose is my favorite

It was a hard choice today. All the photos were terrific. I loved the Wild Dog. But, it seemed that he/she was posing for the camera.

Witnessing a cheetah stalk and kill was the most exciting of many adventures we’ve had at Londolozi.
Great shot by Patrick of the Ximungwe Female

Sean, What great images! It almost looks like the wild dog is cross-eyed! Right? The bee-eater is beautiful, but our favorite this week is Chris’s “lucky” Buffalo shot with the Oxpecker!

Master Tracker

The leopard photos are as always superb, for sheer power and brutality the cheetah and impala ewe, and for grace the little bee eater photo. As I have said before bird pictures are ten times harder than big animal pictures

I loved the Buffalo horn curled around the oxpecker, even if it was an accident, and I loved the male lion and his reflection (I would crop out than log and greenery if possible or use a Photoshop eraser on it because it detracts from the photo), but my favorite is the mama cheetah and the impala kill. The lighting is beautiful, as is the cheetah! Wonderful TWIP again! Thanks for sharing!

I particularly liked the composition of the buffalo bull horn being photobombed by the oxpecker.

All fantastic photos, but for me the Ndzhenga male sitting whit such a regal posture one can almost see a crown on its head !!
Thank you for this TWIP.

The cheetah take undoubtedly the first place, the image is perfect. The Ximungwe female in mystical light is a favourite for me, the buffalo horn is striking and I personally love the female giraffe… but all images are top quality

TWIP best picture is a hard one for me to choose. The Ximungwe female I late afternoon by Patrick is wonderful. The shot of the buffalo’s horn with the Oxpecker inside is amazing. Lastly the little bee eater taking flight is a phenomenal picture as well. Picking one is difficult. I will select the little bee eater this week. Sean you and the Londolozi staff and rangers are making this hard.

Always hard to choose but I’ll vote for the Buffalo with the horn framing the Oxpecker…very unusual!

Wow what a week in photos! I can barely choose favorites. But if I have to I would say the Buffalo and the oxpecker in the background was a phenomenal by chance photo! Also the Ximungwe female leopard with a dark and background and the bee-eater!

Hi Sean, it is difficult this week to choose a foto, as they are all stunning foto’s. But I think the Buffalo with red billed oxpecker is an extra ordinary foto.

For me the loveliest photo is certainly the one of the little bee-eater. The one of the buffalo whose horn kind of frames the oxpecker is great, and so is the one of the lion with the reflection in the water.
However, all the other photos are just as great and fascinating. Thanks for this week’ s pictures.

Terrific photos this week Sean! It seems that I am in complete agreement with Denise Vouri; the cheetah shots, closely followed by the brilliant buffalo horn-framing of the red-billed oxpecker!! And diverting slightly, I’m always partial to any photo of an African wild dog, or dogs as the case may be! Cheers!!

Digital Tracker

Great pics guys! My fave is the wild dog followed by the oxpecker surrounded by that buffalo horn! Great pic!

Maybe a little macabre, but the cheetah with its impala was my favorite, together with the bee eater. Thanks.

What a week of photos! Love the buffalo with the oxpecker and the leopards (of course!). But the cheetah photos are my favorite this week…..the color of the mama’s eyes!

My sister ‘s favourite is the giraffe and the lion

Lovely selection of photos. Must say. Really like the , buffalo,oxpecker combo. Closely followed by,the cheetahs and , leopard in front of elephants. But. Great selection,all together. Thanks!!

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