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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #133

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Darlene Knott
Master Tracker

I am no able to access the video. All I see is a black and white photo of a leopard, no video. 😢

Amanda Ritchie
Marketing Manager

Hi Darlene. Thanks for the head’s up. The issue has been resolved now 🙂

Darlene Knott
Master Tracker

Thanks for letting me know! We look forward to this every week!

Michael Günter

Me too, hahaha.

Francesca Doria
Master Tracker

Exciting video! So glad to see all lions doing their own business and doing perfectly well! The Tsalala pride is a great joy. But also the Birmingham new coalition. I wonder why did the lionesses pass so close by your vehicle, they would be supposed to have a look but they seem totally relaxed and to not care at all…

Willa Stanger
Senior Digital Ranger

I’m curious about your mention of the pink pouch. I somehow thought you were exempt from receiving that. Am I wrong?

Michael and Terri Klauber
Master Tracker

Sean, Great story about the lions! People who have never been to Londolozi are always amazed that you can get so close to them – even to view mating! The lions and leopards seem to not pay any attention to the vehicles – they may as well be a tree! We must say that Pat won the lion-crossing video contest! 😉

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

Very nice update on the Birmingham Coalition and the Tsalala Prise and the mating of the Ndzhenga Male with a Ntsevu Female, Sean. So there might be some cute little lion cubs soon to admire.

William Paynter
Master Tracker

Great video of the loins crossing the sand river. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

Valmai Vorster
Master Tracker

Hi Sean, this was a video worth watching more than once. So glad to see the Ndhzenga Males mating with Ntsevu females, which means more cubs for us to see. Fantastic to see the Tsalala female and her aunt together and a stunning view of them both walking through the river. She is definitely a survivor the Tsalala female, although the odds were against her, she kept on going regardless.

Kay Cook

Awesome the Tsala pride! Is she the smaller of the two?

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

It’s interesting to learn that two of the Ndhzengas are mating again with the Ntsevu females. I assume this is because the first group of cubs they fathered were killed by other predators, and to insure their dominance over the pride/ territory, they would need to mate again as soon as the females came into oestrus. Yet, aren’t they siring other cubs from a different pride close by? As far as the two Ntsevu females who still have two juveniles fathered by the Birmingham male, is it likely they will evidentially mate with the Ndhzengas, or might they meet up the the Birmingham male again?

It was lovely to see the Tsalala pride again and Pat’s video of them crossing the river was fantastic – right place, right time. Watching your video, it seems the Mhagene female has become very nurturing to Tsalala, much like her mother was. They look good and strong. Thanks for taking us along on your ride.

Kara Taylor
Master Tracker

Love a video all about Lions! Excellent footage. Enjoyed the Tsalala pride and the crossing – if I imagine what the one is thinking it was “ I hate walking in water – but also kind of love it “ lol.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice to see the Birmingham male back on Londolozi. It’s even better to see the Tsalala female with her great aunt. I’m so happy to see these two doing well. More updates on them would be wonderful.

Paul Buchanan
Senior Digital Ranger

incredible videos! I was especially interested in the way that the male and female lions in the first part of the video were walking in coordinated steps.

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