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Keagan has always had a connection with wildlife, having been lucky enough to visit Londolozi as a child. After growing up in Johannesburg, he attended boarding school in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands where weekends were spent exploring the reserve and appreciating his surroundings. ...

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on ‘Rays’ of Wisdom

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Trackers and Guides know so much about nature and it is great, for the guests, that you pass on this knowledge. There is certainly also a lot of psychological wisdom involved, a lot of patience and co-operation. Admirable!

Hi Christa, we are constantly learning from each other every day as we try our best to pass what we know on. And that is what makes each game drive unique! The opportunity to learn something new from every person on the vehicle.

We’ve been fortunate to experience many different partnerships on our visits,. Each was very different, but all were tremendous to experience.

Hi Vin, I am glad! Each tracker and ranger has a unique and special relationship.

Patience is KEY for finding the kitties! (and listening too…)

Very very true Lisa!

A really nice blog Keagan and you have given great descriptions of your journey at Londolozi. I know you will have many great times there and form lasting friendships. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Leonie, thank you for the kind words and wishes.

Well done Keagan for fulfilling your dream. It is going to be hard work, patience, endurance, stamina and a memory that will stand you in good stead. Ray will teach you many things and may the two of you become the best of friends. Trackers just have that inner instinct and you can learn so much from Ray. Enjoy your career and be blessed both of you.

Hi Valmai, thank you.
So very true and I look forward to many years ahead with Ray.

Keagan, what a wonderful experience in life to form companionships and relationships that last a lifetime. Thanks for sharing.

It is my pleasure William. One of the many amazing parts of the job!

Master Tracker

Such hard work , but very rewarding

Congratulations Keagan on completing your guiding course! With your amazing tracker at your front and side, I’m sure you will embark on a journey that will be the envy of many. I’ve experienced two sets of guides/trackers during visits to Londolozi and both were fantastic, yet at the same time different in their approach to driving, tracking and educating. There is no right way to approach a drive, but rather a mutual agreement as to how best satisfy the clients’ wish lists, knowing you gave boxes to tick off as well. Your Rays of wisdom will certainly guide you on a career path that will become extremely fulfilling over the next months/years. Just enjoy!

Hi Denise, thank you! I am truly lucky and looking forward to many years ahead guiding and being guided by Ray.

Ray’s best quote “ there’s always a leopard in the leadwood forest”. He had one of the best spots I have ever experienced. Driving at a decent pace towards the end of the afternoon drive in the North. Coming south on the east side of the manyulethi, Ray spots the Nanga young female several hundred yards down the hillside looking into the sun. Only the 2 ears were peaking over the top of a termite mound.

Thank you for sharing that story Al, I reminded Ray of it today. On top of everything has incredible eyesight that never ceases to impress me!

Just returned from a truly amazing visit to Londolozi where Keagan and Ray guided us through three terrific days. So many animals, so much activity, beautiful photos, patience, patience, patience, and not to forget the Sundowners! Thank you Keagan and Ray for that and for this great story.

Hi Barbara, thank you! I can speak for Ray and myself in saying we loved sharing the experience with you and hope to see you and Alan again soon.

Great post Keagan. A dream come true indeed! Bravo and wishing you all the best.

Thank you Paul!

Welcome to the Londolozi family Keagan! We look forward to meeting you on our next visit!

Thank you Michael and Terri, looking forward to it too!

That dung beetle sighting by Ray and explanation by you is one of the many highlights of my time at Londolozi. I feel extremely lucky to have had you and Ray tracking, guiding, pointing, walking, educating, sharing, and laughing with us for four days/nights in September.

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