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Jemma grew up on a farm in the Midlands Meander in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied at the University of Cape Town. With little bush experience but with many hours of au pairing, teaching English and forming a love for travel, Jemma found herself ...

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on 15 Signs That You’ve Experienced The Londolozi Effect

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Senior Digital Ranger

Perfectly described “if” explanations, evoking the very best memories.. …. thank you Jemma.

Oh Jemma I am feeling nostalgic reading this blog. From the first time many years ago up to the 12th time nothing compares with the magic. It is all about the little things that make it so special. Sitting outside your room takìng in the peace and quiet of the Sand river. The friendly butlers and camp managers. The knowledge that we gain on the game drives. We learned so much about the bush over the years. The food. The boma and the choir. The amarula coffee. The bubbles. Amazing.

Thanks Marinda for adding some of the experiences you’ve loved while staying with us.

I am still living at Londolozi Tree Camp through your daily blog. I cannot wait until it pops into my computer every morning! My husband, John and I are definitely and happily suffering from the Londolozi Effect. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Glad to hear the bug has bitten you two! Tree Camp is looking forward to having you back x

All good!
One additional effect for us: planning the next visit!

Brilliant! That should have been number 16, thanks Vin.

And 15 reasons to return as soon as possible…… I’m still basking in the glow of the Londolozi effect, all senses heightened by the experience. I’m still longing for more of the mouth-watering rusks that I discovered in the glass jar next to my coffee service, the gentle music soothing my soul during an amazing massage, meals with a view, and so many smiles!! Thanks for reinforcing the memories!!???

Thanks for your comment Denise, the rusks are very tasty indeed! The rusks and the Healing House will be here for you when you come back. Glad we were able to touch on some of your fond memories.

Londolozi will always hold a special place in my heart! We felt so welcome and so grateful for all of the wonderful interactions with the staff and special sightings of ALL of the animals we were privileged enough to see. I hope to one day return with other family members, until then, love, peace and happiness.

It’s wonderful to hear what an impact Londolozi has made on you Nickolette, we are looking forward to having you and your family back. Hope you had a lovely festive season.

Totally guilty of 10 and 14. The lion king is next but it will not be the same.

Digital Ranger

Luckily for us, our local liquor store, Total Wine and More, carries Amarula. I checked before I left South Africa 🙂 Our Tracker Bennett made delicious ‘Bennette Specials’ every morning. That’s coffee and Amarula with coco mixed in. Delicious!

Amazing, how convenient! Will pass your praise onto Bennet, I’ll have to ask him to make me a “Bennette Special” too!

We have been 4 times. I always say I am saving the best for last. You are a wonder beyond belief. We will be back in 2020, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and my 70th birthday. Can’t wait?

How exciting Joan! We are looking forward to having the both of you and to sharing in your celebrations.

Five visits, starting in 2010, and the next scheduled for 2020…oh yes, I know the ‘Londolozi effect!’ I amaze my friends – and trackers – by showing photos on my phone of
Nanga and Nkoveni as cubs!

#15 for sure! Sometimes this blog is the best part of my day. I would also add, You Would Cheerfully Get Up At 5:30am Every Morning Forever if You Knew You Were Going on a Game Drive. I am painfully introverted, and my social circle is small, but at Londolozi I felt like I met people I could be life long friends with. I am already scheming how to make my next trip happen.

Tick, tick and tick again. When I go to my weekly yoga class in my village hall, I close my eyes as much as possible so I can try to pretend I’m back on your wonderful yoga deck. Roll on September when I’m back for real. I call Londolozi “my expensive addiction”!

I’ve defintely experienced 8, 11, 12, 9 and 15, and 1 and 3 to an extent and I haven’t even been to Londolozi yet!!

Until I came to Londolozi, I figured I knew all I needed or wanted to know about the land and animals of the African veldt from the Nature programs on American PBS. W R O N G!! I was astounded and delighted by all that I saw and learned from my ranger and tracker. I could not believe the beautiful people, accommodations, cuisine, and just the total ambiance I thrilled in every day and night at Londolozi. I really hope to return someday.

I’ve been to South Africa three times but finding a place at the Londolozi seems like an impossible mission. You should book at least two years before. But who knows if I’ll still be alive! But even if I have not been with you, I continue to find myself in all the fifteen points listed. I read you every day. I miss the bush. I miss the smell and taste of food. The smells of the earth and the trees. I miss the emotions experienced in seeing leopards, cheetahs, lion cubs, lions with huge ridges, snakes, birds, the elegant impala, the gentle giants, the buffaloes, the ancient rhinos, the fascinating crocodiles, the colorful birds, the very nice dots hens, the hateful wilddogs and the unbearable hyenas. I want to come back. I would like to come back to stay, forever. I love South Africa and its people and the principle of UBUNTU. Sincerely.

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