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At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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on One Buffalo and Three Prides Part One

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What an exciting hunt for the lions and for the trackers to find them.
Good to know that the Tsalala lioness and her new partner are still fine.

I am looking forward to Patrick’s blog about what happened the following day.

Pat’s Blog has already been published, https://blog.londolozi.com/2022/08/25/display-of-dominance/
you can read it here.

Thanks Kirst for the update on the lion dynamics. I am so happy that the Tsalala lioness and the Mhangeni lioness are now together. They look good and it’s better for both of them to be together for protection and also for hunting. The Tala at pride had a good meal as well killing the lone buffalo.

I’m elated to read that the Tsalala female finally found a pride mate! I was sure she would! Poor buffalo, I wonder why they spend time on their own as lions are a real danger. At last they ate…

Thank you for the updates on the three Lion Prides Tsalala, Mhangani and Talamanti Prides of lionesses.
Question I have are the Talamanti Pride a break a way from which Pride ?
Thank you once again for hard work and dedication on educating us on lion dynamics in Africa I look forward in receiving updates.

Thanks Kirst for this great tale of tracking by Lucky, Jerry and the tracking academy students. First of all, I’m in awe of their tenacity and secondly the skills they have honed to locate any number of species. I’m thrilled to see Tsalala with her friend and together, hopefully good things will hafir them, but especially her if she mates and gives birth. Thanks so much for setting the stage for Pat’s report!

What a great story Kirst. Thanks for the continuation following the pride.

So cool to hear “the prequel” Kirst!!

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